The Beautiful Flowers Of Hawaii
{The Bird of Paradise}

          The flowers found in Hawaii are some of the most beautiful on earth. The beautiful flower leis draped over visitors to the islands are a symbol of how much Hawaiians welcome guests to the islands. Tropical blossoms, everywhere you look make Hawaii one of the most attractive and aesthetically pleasing places to live and vacation. The birds of paradise flowers, proteas, and anthuriums all grow quite well in the tropical climate, and flourish in the mountains of Hawaii. Many people in other areas have tried to emulate the natural beauty of Hawaii's flora with little success. This article will tell you all about these three beautiful specimens. And it will also give you a better idea of how to successfully cultivate the three plants, and provide continuous and tender care for them as well. Plants and flowers, especially tropical flowers, need a little extra tender loving care. For the right gardener, and in the right environment, you can maintain some of the balmy, sub-tropical Hawaiian atmosphere in your own home.   The Bird Of Paradise Flower (Strelitzia)

You hear of quite a few different species of tropical flowers as being, "one of the most beautiful" of such and such, but there is rarely a species of tropical flower that can match the absolutely gorgeous Bird of Paradise flower. They are actually called Strelitzia, formally, but grew into the Bird of Paradise name because of its resemblance to certain species of birds, called "birds of paradise". The vividly bright plumage and form of the bird resemble the shape and bloom of the flower, hence the name. The bird of paradise flower is also often called the "Crane Flower"; this was also a contingent to the beautiful bird-like resemblance between the flower and the graceful crane. It is believed that the flower was originally indigenous to South Africa, however, it has since migrated throughout the world, and can be grown in several tropical locations. Naturally, they can also be grown indoors, though in a controlled environment, and usually flourish best when in a greenhouse, where people with the necessary time can look after them. Otherwise, birds of paradise flowers can be grown by those who take indoor gardening as a serious hobby, and are very observant of their plants' needs.