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When you choose to make Hawaii the setting for your wedding day, you have the expectation that the islands offer up the most lush and incredible florals that you are likely to find anywhere in the world. Make sure you get the best and the brightest, the freshest and the most fragrant, by using a local Hawaiian florist. The flowers they are able to get for you are straight from the farms and gardens of local Hawaiian growers, and will be delivered for your wedding almost as soon as they are cut from the plant. Your flowers are one of the centerpieces of your entire wedding. Use the best local flowers you can find.

Style , a Love  Longing Lingering  for Perfection, Desire filled Fire Heart Plumeria Pink Passion
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To create a little flower is the labor of ages." William Blake.

Exotic, Rare and Indigenous Flowers of Hawaii

Hawaii is home to the most exotic and colorful indigenous flowers. The island is endowed with so many tropical flowers; however, some of these are not indigenous flowers Hawaii. The official state flower of the Big Island is the Ohia lehua. This flower is a true native to the island of Hawaii. According to Hawaiian folklore, Ohia lehua is the flower of Pele the ancient volcano goddess. It was believed in those days that rain will fall once blossoms of Ohia lehua are picked from its tree.

Meanwhile Hawaii’s official state flower is none other than the yellow hibiscus. The hibiscsus blossom is also known in the Hawaiian dialect as “pua aloalo”. Since the 1920’s, this flower has been considered as Hawaii’s state flower, however the official legislation and declaration was only made in June 6, 1988. Hisbiscus has spectacular unfolded appearance and its petals are large and showy. The Aloha and the Hawaiian spirit has been successfully captured and represented by this “pua aloalo”.

Aside from yellow, hibiscus may come in different colors like red, pink, white and purple. Yellow hibiscuses are actually easy to grow and thrive on warm temperatures. These indigenous flowers practically grow in every yard on the island. Tropical hibiscuses are native flowers of Malaysia; in fact it is their national flower. Its origin comes from the Pacific Islands and other countries in Asia.

The creamy-yellow hibiscus or the Hibiscus brackenridgei is rare and indigenous in the islands of Hawaii is also referred to as the Ma’o hau hele by local people. The tree where this particular flower grows belongs to the shrub family that can grow up to 10 feet. Yellow hibiscus has three-pronged leaves similar to those of the maple tree leaves. It blooms biannually that lasts up to two months.

There are studies proving that this indigenous flower belongs to the many species of indigenous flowers in different parts of the world facing extinction. In Hawaii there are only 60 creamy-yellow hibiscus plants left and like other native plants on the Island it is in danger of being overrun and overpopulated by non-native plants. There are also other factors that threaten the very existence of this rare indigenous flower such as fires, road construction, livestock and wild pigs’ predation.

Since 1994 creamy-yellow hibiscus are listed as endangered species and laws have been drawn up as well to protect this particular indigenous flower of Hawaii. In 2002, the act provided critical habitats to be designated for the yellow hibiscus. Remaining plants of this specie are being saved by efforts made by the federal government.

Hawaii is known for its exotic beauty and luscious tropical flowers. However, some of these breathtakingly beautiful flowers are not indigenous species of the island. As mentioned earlier, native plants are in risk of being overrun by non-native species. But with certain efforts, these indigenous flowers of Hawaii will live longer to be cherished by the people of Hawaii and visitors as well. The sight of the creamy-yellow hibiscus can be a very exhilarating experience, one that will make you realize that the world is indeed a very beautiful place.





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