Wedding preparation is very stressful for the soon to be groom and bride. Every single detail should be properly taken cared of starting from the church, reception venue, food, wedding cake, wedding invitations, wedding gown, entourage and photo or video coverage. The beauty of the wedding will be dependent on how the couple planned and prepared for it. Every single detail should be checked so that the couple will have their dream wedding. Before selecting and going through the process of hiring wedding videographer to shoot their wedding yu should know some  Common video Questions , the couple should get to ask some questions to make sure they are dealing with a professional wedding videographer. These are some questions that will help them know if they will get a wedding video that they ideally want as a keepsake of their wedding day.

 Who will be the actual videographer on the wedding and how many many will be doing the Reception video?. This is very important to get to know who will cover the whole event and you get to check for their skills and shooting techniques. Some videographer will also have staff videographers to allow them to cover several angles of the wedding ceremony and reception.

 Will there be extra charges that might be incurred one should always have a Video guide, to know what questions to ask.  Get to know the package that they offer as well as what is included in the package. Make sure that every detail of the package is explained properly and try to ask the videographers what package will best suit the idea of a wedding video of the couple. There are a lot of wedding packages but might not still meet the ideal wedding video of the couple. Negotiate and try to get some extra work to come along with the package. Anticipate what shots might come up on the wedding and ask if it will come along with the package.

 What will be the quality format of the wedding video? Most videographers use DVD format for their customers. HD format is available but is more expensive than DVD format since the equipment that will be used is more advance. Know the difference of the quality format and check for the advantages and disadvantages. Make sure that the wedding videographer has knowledge about the format and he should be comfortable using the kind of format you choose, the format one chooses will help in Preserving your wedding Videos

 What are the equipments that you will be using? Wedding Videographers usually donít work using a single camera. It is either they use 2 or more for a fact that the wedding video will not be focused on the couple alone. One camera can get to be focused on the couple but the other camera will get to capture other wedding memories such the smile of every family and friends who are happy for the couple. During wedding, there is no room for any mistakes and malfunctions of equipments. Weddings are one time event that you can no longer rewind. Wedding videographers should consider bringing some back-up equipments to make sure that they can still get footage of the wedding if equipment malfunctions.

 Can suggestions be made particularly about the elements that should be included in the video?  Bear in mind that the wedding video will be the couples living record of one of the greatest event in their lives. The couple has the right to say what particular part of the ceremony they want edited. Although during the editing of the video the couple may not get to have the chance to work with the videographers, it is recommended that before the wedding the couple already informed the videographer the part in their wedding which they want to be included in the video and which part they want to be taken off. 

What is the quality of the sound and light of the videos? Some couple is disappointed when it comes to the sound and lighting quality of the video. This should be properly checked so that the exchange of vows will be heard as well as the wedding events will be properly seen.

 Weddings videos are mementos of the couple. The memory that it will give will last for a lifetime. Have the time to properly select and hire a professional wedding videographer. The efforts will not be wasted for the wedding video will last a lifetime. 

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