Weddings are very important event in life especially for the couple who will be entering another phase in their lives. Capturing and preserving every single detail and every moment of the wedding day is one of the things a couple should take into consideration when they are preparing for their wedding. Planning in getting services of a professional photographer or videographer should be worked on thoroughly. But is it essential to have both photography and videography covering the wedding event?


 Photographs and videos are powerful medium to preserve memories of special events and occasions such as weddings. Photographs capture the event in still shots. Usually, photographers have an advance wedding photo session with the couple to create shots that will be used on the wedding itself as well as for the couples wedding album. Videography on the other hand captures the event real time as the wedding takes place.

 Some couples want to get photography service instead of having a videography service. Other couples prefer to have videos for their wedding. They could also get to have both services for their wedding. This will all depend on the budget for the wedding. Photography service is much cheaper than videography service because of the fact the videography requires advance equipment and skills. Aside from that, a videography service captures almost everything in the wedding. It is hard to capture a spectacular moment as well as emotions in photography unlike in videography.

 Photography has some advantages over videography. Photos are a window to remember the wedding day. The look of love and affection of the couple during their wedding is a good photo shot that the couple could even have the pictures on the wall. This is a good way of reminding the couple of the love they have as well as a way of constantly refreshing to them their wedding day. Pictures serve as a medium for reflection. Seeing the wedding day photos can make you reflect and look back special moments on your wedding day. It is also much easier to look at photos than to watch an entire video just to be reminded of the wedding day. Another benefit of wedding photos than wedding videos is you can scan and upload pictures and sent it to your family and friends at any time.

A sweet memory of a father and daughter wedding dance in Hawaii

 Videography on the other hand will make the couple remember every single moment of their wedding. With wedding videos, even the sounds are captured so the couple can get to even hear and be reminded when they exchange their wedding vows. Watching wedding videos especially when they are going through hard times in relationships will remind the couple the vows they have uttered and could be a way of clearing things off between the couple. Sometimes reminding the couple of how precious their love is through their wedding video will make them kiss and make up. Wedding video will be able to clearly catch the couple when they kiss and hold hands during their wedding. The video could also contain messages for the bride and groom coming from their family and friends. For videos, you may take off the parts of the wedding that is not too good or you may get to edit your videos and have it like the way you want it to be presente