A day of full of love and thanksgiving with union of two souls into one is the wedding day of the couple. This is a very precious and special day for the bride and the groom as they seal their love to last forever. Family and friends gather to celebrate a very special event to witness the exchange of vows of the couple. Each of the people in the occasion wants to say a short message to the couple so why not include it in their wedding video as a souvenir? Some couples are still requesting that videographers add wedding guest interview so that they get to hear what their family and friends get to chat about them also a nice touch is to have the couple talk about how they meet what happened all th efun stuff that makes a video unique and wonderful,


 If the wedding video will include a wedding guest interview as its content, the wedding videographer who will be working on the wedding needs to have great communication and people skills. Interviewing guests is a difficult task but doing the work well as well as getting great footage will definitely make the wedding video a hit. Some tips are provided to capture good wedding guest interview in a video.

 The wedding videographer must know how to respect the wedding guest if you are to make a wedding They must not force anyone to talk for an interview if they are not comfortable with it. The videographer must know how to properly approach the guest. This is where communication skills and people skills comes in. Other guests are camera shy and will refuse to talk in front of a camera. If they get to see other people doing it, eventually they may also open up and would allow the videographer to get an interview.


 The interview will actually be about the bride and the groom and their wedding. The wedding videographer needs to remind the guest that this is for the wedding video of the bride and the groom. The guest usually will open up and will grant to have the interview when they are told that it is a request coming from the bride and groom. They can be told that the couple would want some comment taken on the camera for their wedding video.

 Usually, what the videographers will suggest is for the guest to give the couple a wedding message. Why not come up with some questions for the guests so that the wedding video will not be dull?  Ask the guest what is their fondest memory with the couple or try to have them recall a favorite story of the couple. The videographer may also ask how they are related to the couple and have them say a few messages. Why not ask from the wedding guests what is their advice to the couple to have a happy and long lasting marriage?

Here is a couple in Hawaii who wanted to do an engagement video shoot before their ceremony.

The wedding reception could create a lot of noise and would not be an ideal place to conduct the interview to get the best one needs to learn a few rules of the game. The videographer may get to invite the guest in a place where is quiet. The wedding videographer can also set up a place outside the wedding reception area to avoid the noise from the reception area. If the wedding videographer has a handheld mic, they may get to use this to interview the wedding guests inside the reception area.

 The wedding videographers will also need some assistance when conducting the interview so they can get to ask help from the bridesmaid or groomsmen to conduct some interviews too. If you want to have a twist on the wedding video, why not ask the ring bearer or the flower girl to help with the wedding interviews. Some kids would really have the guests talking and it will really make a great video.

 Adding wedding guest interview is optional and it depends upon the idea of the couple if they want this added to their wedding video. The advantage of this is that the couple will get to remind their friends and families and their advice about marriage. The couple will also get to hear the messages from friends and families whom they were not able to properly talk to during the wedding. The concept of wedding guest interview is a good one to be included in the wedding video for precious memories from families and friends.