Also popular among colors for 2008 weddings are ocean or water hues. When you consider the range of colors available to fit this color palette, you will understand how it can be one of the hot colors for upcoming weddings. You can choose any color in the blue to blue-green rainbow, going from aqua to azure and turquoise to almost teal. The range of blues will bring to mind the beach theme to your wedding, but you can use this color in any number of themes, including a Tiffany themed wedding. If you are planning an outdoor event, you could complement this blue with a sand or khaki color for a clean, outdoorsy feel to your wedding reception. You can also pair any range of the blue color scheme with white, yellow, or very elegant silver. Most of the ocean hues can be dressed up or down, depending on the type of event you are planning for your wedding. Your flowers work well with this palette, whether you go with white or ivory flowers, or opt for something bolder and brighter.

Always fashionable, especially during the fall and winter months, are the jewel tones that are so hot this year for weddings. Aubergine, dark teal, emerald green are all deep, rich colors that can be the focal color for your wedding any time of the year. Most of the jewel tones pair well with rich gold or silver accents, but you can choose lighter shades in the same color family to pair with any of the jewel tones. Perhaps put your maid of honor in a lilac color to complement your aubergine bridesmaid gowns, or choose pale green Bells of Ireland for your bouquet if your color is emerald green.

        And of course, you want to make sure that your dress will fit into the theme as well. If you're up for something really fun, you could have the groom wear khaki shorts or pants with a Hawaiian tropical shirt.  The bride could then wear a tropical print halter dress that would tie in nicely with the Hawaiian theme. If you were hoping to be a bit more formal with your attire, you can wear a white dress but one that is sleeveless will work the best. You can also make the dress a little more fun, flirty and tropical by choosing a dress that falls at the knee or just above instead of wearing a floor-length ball gown.


Buffet or Ala Cart for your wedding Reception:
You have just married the man of your dreams, and now it’s time to get to the bottom of what’s
on everyone’s mind – the food! The debate has raged on for centuries about what to
 feed your guests at a wedding reception, and there are no right and wrong answers.
There are advantages and disadvantages to a sit down dinner and a buffet meal.
Or maybe you are looking for something a little different that might make everyone happy.
With so many options and so much to consider, you may feel a little overwhelmed.
read more about
 choosing a buffet or Ala Cart for your wedding Reception

Wedding Dress :
For many women, the vision of what their wedding gown will look
like has been in their head from the time they were a little girl.
For other women, choosing a gown is a thought they’ve dreaded.
Here is some help to tread the wedding gown waters.
The biggest thing you want in a wedding gown is something that will reflect your style and personality. If you fancy yourself a girly girl who prefers lace and ruffles, begin your wedding gown quest with gowns that are more elaborate in design.
If a sleek sophisticated look is more your style, a form fitted, simply decorated gown might fit you perfectly. If you normally do not favor a sleeveless dress, you may not want to begin your search with sleeveless gowns.

Destination weddings
The destination wedding is a popular choice for many of today’s brides and grooms. For many brides,long gone are the days where you went home and married in the Church you grew up in and had your reception at the fire hall where your mother and father had their reception. Technology has made the boundaries of your wedding fantasy endless, and many couples are taking advantage of easy planning
and quick transportation to start their new lives out in far off places. When beginning to plan your destination wedding, the first thing you have to do is decide which destination is right for you.   read more here

Planning a Hawaii Vacation on Oahu
If you want to experience the spectacular wild and rugged side of Oahu just add water and voila! You have it! It is the perfect place for you and your family’s vacation. Oahu, one of the breathtaking islands of Hawaii with its rich culture and Hawaiian tradition,

The Grey Scale of Black and White Photography
Black and white photography will always have an extraordinary appeal to its viewers. It always stands out among all the other pictures. But how come we can’t produce the same effect when we’re the one taking these black and white photos? The desired effect for black and white and photos are not that easy to create as other may seem to think so.