Photography is a learning experience. It doesn’t just deal with learning the methods and techniques of taking photos using photographic equipments but it is also one way of getting to know more about the subject which you will be taking pictures of. Nature photography deals with photography that is taken outdoors which displays wildlife, plants, animals and natural scenes.

Usually, nature photos are used for cultural and travel magazines. The most common nature photography that photographers usually take pictures of is sunset and sunrise, waterfalls, trees, forests and fields. Wildlife photography captures animals in motion such as fighting or eating. A professional nature photographer can capture the beauty of the subject and create breathtaking photos. Taking photos of nature does not only rely on how good you are shooting and pointing the camera on your subject. Knowledge and understanding the subject is very essential. Studies about the subject are being done by a good nature photographer at least a week before or days before the shoot. Utilizing the information you have gathered will help in creating an excellent nature photo. Preparation on the day of the shoot itself is very important. Make sure you have spare batteries, tripod and clean brushes to bring. The brushes will help you clean the lens or mirror when it ends up having too much dust. Using tripod will help you capture difficult shots.

Tripods will help you control the camera and have you practice with different shutter speeds. One of the things that you must also be aware of is the pattern of light. Outdoor light can change and you won’t have any control on it. The best time to explore the woods and take nature photos are during early morning hours since light during this time will not cause hard shadows or will not be too harsh. Hard shadows will hide important details and you won’t be able to capture the real beauty of the subject. But everything will also depend on your subject. The best tip to capture good nature photo is to be attuned and be aware of your surroundings. Be aware of the sounds as well as movements because this might give you an opportunity to take breathtaking nature photos. The secret in getting a good nature photo is right timing. Be comfortable in using your camera and make sure that you are familiar with the settings of your camera. This is important in determining what setting is best for your photo. This form of photography is not too difficult as what it may seem. If you have the passion in learning about nature photography and you have the inborn streak, choosing subjects will not be too hard. There are so many subjects that we can capture about nature. Continuous exploration of different nature subjects as well as constant research about nature photography will help you be a skilled nature photographer in time. Check the photos taken by great nature photographers such as Ansel Adams. Nature photography is all about enjoying and having fun with nature while you are taking breathtaking photos. Article by Paul Hawaii wedding coordinator and Photographer of Aloha island weddings