Jennifer Lambell & Blair Peter Malcolm

Wedding date : 9/6/2016
Time of Wedding : 2:45pm

Guest : count change from 30 to 56
Arrive to Hawaii : on the first September
Meeting at Office on September 1st after picking up license 9:30am

Staying at the : Staying on the Hyatt on the wedding night
Before : bride : Staying at the Ohana east
Groom staying at the Hilton Waikiki

Wedding theme colors: royal blue / yellow and purple
Bridal girls will be wearing a Royal blue :

Reception Tikis : 5:30pm to 11:30pm

Ocean Lanai : Sunset at : 6:38pm

Reception @ Ocean Lanai @ Tikis :



Custom Wedding Package :

Hawaiian wedding minister : Kimo James Taylor
Location Waimanalo beach
Decorative certificate of marriage

Hawaiian sea shell
Palm Arch with / tiki torches
- flowers for decorations
20 chairs

Aisle way & flowers and chairs Jennifer likes on this wedding setup ....

Decided Palm Arch with the same layout : with 4 tiki bamboo poles
with the orchid and plumeria flowers on top

Hawaiian Ukulele at ceremony :
Walkign down the aisle to { Somewhere Rainbow }


After The wedding ceremony is your requested song :
for first dance under the palm arch .
Sound Track : send to me

Friend will sing song for bride walking in
Song for the bridal party :
Song for Reccessional : ::::

- Photography 1 hr 30 mins
- Wedding bouquet for bride

{ Stargazers tear drop shap with blueish purple orchids }

3 small bridesmaids bouquet { Hawaiian tropical flowers}
yellow plumerias and purple sprayed blue
tent incase of rain

cooler with drinks for everyone


Hawaii Professional Video

Pre Wedding photos & Video
with bride and bridemaids in the room
total time 2 - 3 hours plus limo ride
Photographer will be traveling in limo with Bride also to the site


Staying Hyatt : ocean front room ....



Apply for Marriage application here .

Address for the marriage license office

1250 Punchbowl St #101, Honolulu, HI 96813 (808) 586-4544 

Address of our office to send boxes :

Aloha Island Weddings @ Old Blaisedal Hotel

1154 Fort St Mall # 208
Honolulu, Hawaii ,

Wedding day Itinerary :

9:00am done by 1:30pm start Hair & Makeup

Brides limo pickup at Hotel at 2:00pm

1st pickup : 1:30pm : 2nd pickup 1:30pm

1st location : Tikis Aston Waikiki

2nd location : Out Rigger Waikiki Beach

Guest to wedding : 2:20pm

Bride arrives @ 2:45pm

Wedding time 2:45pm

Guest shuttle leave wedding site @ 4:30pm

Wedding couple leaves site @ 5:15pm

Arrive to the Reception at 600pm

Sunset at 630pm



Table arrangement for tikis



Emails recieved from the bride :

Aloha Paul,

My full guest count for the wedding is 54 people including the bridal party. I will also need 2 extra seats on the bus for 2 guests that are only coming to the ceremony.
Sorry my guest count got a lot more than expected as I didn’t think that many people would want to come to an overseas wedding.

I have calculated that I will need:

GROOMSMEN (just to be dropped off to the ceremony ) 5ppl
1X SUV 6 seater

BRIDAL PARTY 5ppl then 10ppl
1X 12 super stretched limo (bride and bridesmaids transport to ceremony and whole bridal party to reception)

2X 24 shuttle bus

Totally fine with shuttle buses coming at different times :)

Would you like me to organise the transport? I was hoping to get a package discount and see how much it is while they are just waiting?

Kind regards,
Jennifer Lambell




Thank you for the extensive reception ideas! They look amazing! I really like your wife's favourite Hau Tree Lanai. It is beautiful! But I think we have decided to do a cocktail wedding reception at tikis bar.

Great yes , Hi Jennifer ! , Tikis is a fun and great food place , looking right over the ocean and great sunset views .

Also would I be able to get a quote on transportation for 20-30 people from Waimanalo Beach to Tikis bar.

Also if I could get a quote on the cheapest transportation of 8 for the wedding party.

Do you also do reception set ups on tables? It would only be cocktail tables. ,,,

Yes what part of the restaurant will you be at ?

Aloha Paul

Kind regards,
Jennifer Lambell


Aloha Paul, Hi Jennifer

Hope you had a good weekend. Yes its was busy one with weddings and a lot of fun : thank you
Thank you for the deposit payment. Yes paypal is a safe way to send money via CC
You don’t happen to know a place that is kind of near by Waimanalo Beach that isn’t over expensive and is beach front? There are some vacation rentals by owner on Waimanalo beach , here is the link :

Aloha Paul
808 294 9385


Kind regards,
Jennifer Lambell

On 6 Jul 2015, at 11:29 am, lotus <> wrote:


Hi Jennifer , great to hear look forward to coordinating and planning your special day in Hawaii.
the deposit is $700 , and the remainder may be paid when we meet in Hawaii before your wedding.
the application is call its easy just download and signup and then add my Skype name .. Lovealoha
also Facebook has a messenger service now with free call !!!

PS: i will go ahead and invoice you from paypal for the deposit .

Aloha Paul


On Jul 4, 2015, at 1:01 AM, Jennifer Lambell <> wrote:

Hi Paul,
hope you have been well.
That package looks amazing.
I also have to change the bridesmaid bouquets to 4 instead of 3.
I really like the 2nd bouquet in the picture with the pink lillys that match the chairs at the ceremony.
How much is the deposit to secure our date of the wedding?
Also what was that application that you said to get for free calls internationally?

Kind regards,
Jennifer Lambell



<something new something blue and novel.jpg>
On 14 May 2015, at 12:09 pm, lotus <> wrote:

Hi Aloha Jennifer , here is an estimate for your custom package …

PS: we have only been helping couples find restaurants for the reception needs ...

Aloha Paul