Just to summarize what we discuss on the phone yesterday:
1. We are okay with the leis for the parents: kukui nuts for father and white ginger lei for mother and we are okay with leis for us: pikake for Nina and pikake woven with maile leaves for Jon
2. The bridesmaids bouquet will be in dark pink/fuschia. We will determine the Hawaii flowers when we get there. I also attached a picture of dark pink lilies. I believe that one still has to be special ordered right? If yes, then don't worry about it. If for some reason, they have it available, then let's get those lilies for the bridesmaids.
3. For the groomsmen, let's do the tea leaves.
4. There will be 20 seats with 3 rows, 2 chairs on the first row, and 4 chairs on the second and third rows in each sides.
5. The bridesmaids will walk down the aisle solo, and the groomsmen will stand by the groom. When the Hawaii wedding ceremony is over, then the bridesmaids and groomsmen will walk out together behind the bride and groom. At this time, the seated guests will throw the petals.
6. Since we will have bridal party in the front, let's reduce the orchid bamboo spray to 2.
7. For the gazebo decoration, can we do like the one here:
Picture C20 but in purple orchid instead and no ribbon
I also attached a picture that might be an interesting one to take.
Thanks Paul!
Nina & Jon

Like these kind of photos


Here's the websites: Photographers that they really like
beach wedding in hawaii


Hi Paul,
We are looking down the additional list and the bridal bouquet is not listed (15 cybidiums).
We also would like to reduce the orchid bamboo spray to 2 (in front) instead of 4.
- Please eliminate the lei for the guests. We just remember that the guest will also receive lei at the Paradise Cove.
- I found out my 3 years old niece is a little moody and may not want to walk as flower girl. In that case lets eliminate her bouquet as well. Can we do a last minute bouquet for her if she decides to walk? Something simple and doesn't have to be a special order flower.
- For my bouquet, I'd like to have the cymbidium instead of callas, maybe around 15 cymbidiums?
- Lets also eliminate the cone flowers. My best friend will make those cones for us and we'll just get the flowers from the petals for the runway? Will that be ok?
We left you a message few times and feel free to call us at your earliest convenience.

Hi Paul,
Per our discussion a couple days ago, I will print out the website for proof of items included in the package.
Can you please email me the total cost in writing including the breakdown as stated below as a form of invoice or receipt. 


Hi Paul,
I tried calling your office today. Can you please give me a call when you get my message or email at home. Feel free to call me anytime after 6pm PST.
Jon and Nina
On 1/9/06, Jon Nina <jonnina@gmail.com> wrote:
I got your vm, sorry we have been playing phone-tag here. Nina and I would like to chat with you and go over the detail. The best time to reach us will be after 6pm - 11pm PST at home : 925-829-0328. I will be waiting for your call tomorrow.

On 1/9/06, Aloha Island Hawaii weddings < islandweddings@hotmail.com> wrote:
Jon Skye
Hi Jon, I havent forgot about you, i have been working this weekend on weddings,
 Yes i will give you a call, we do have the 30th available, june is a hot month so would tend to go with 300pm.
Aloha talk to you soon



32 terraced hills circle

San Ramon California 94583


Jon Skye & Nina
Hm - {925} 829-0328
   {415}- 515- 9924

Location  - Kahala Mandarin now Kahala Resort
Koko head Gazebo    
Wedding Date - June 30, 2006
wedding time 2:00pm
arrival florist and Paul to site 11:00am

Wedding Theme - 
Green and purple orchids and Cymbidiums
Number of Guest- 24

Creation Date of this website - January 6, 2006
Meet  - June 28th, 2006  - 1.00
Reception at paradise cove

Flight Hawaiian 1045pm 
10:45  flight  #  
no license  

bring flowers for example of bridesmaid

2 chairs
2/2 on each side
2nd row 4/4

  Beach Chapel Arch Packages 
Onsite  Wedding Coordinator
complete set up for Gazebo Flowers /garlands /ect
 8 by10 Wedding Certificate
Choice of
Minister    Chris Cain
Solo Musician  of your choice: { Ukulele some where over the rainbow}
 Flower leis for your close family
Father kukui nut lei - for mother white ginger
Colorful Hand
 Bouquet   green purple / cymbidium
wrap with dark fusia no buttons

 Bouquet  for flower girl 
add purple fusia orchid lei for groomsmen...

Professional Photography
{150 4x6 color photos in album}
plus 25 antique black and white style sepia photos
one hour photo tour at Kahala Mandarin Hotel
all negatives included}
Hair and make up for bride
Wedding table with flower arrangement {for signing}
Orchid and rose petal runway
Flower shower {orchids and rose petals}
website featuring wedding
Sashes for chair covers