Marika Butler + Joe Bertram




June 24th, 2010
Location: Waimanalo Beach Park @ 2:30pm


Wedding vows the Groom Joe wrote for his bride Marika"

From this day on i choose you my beloved marika to be my wife,
to live with you and laugh with you to stand by your side and
sleep in your arms to be joy to your heart and food for your soul,
to bring out the best for you alwaysi and for you to be the most that i can,
i promise to laugh with you in the good times to struggle with you in the bad,
to solace when you are down heart , to comfort you with massages ,
to marry you with my soul and to share with you all my riches
and honors and to enjoy life to gether as long as we can for ever and ever

Wedding reception
Waikiki Aquarium 5:30
2777 Kalakaua Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96815-4027

Rehearsal dinner will be at Brasserie due Vin
in Chinatown at 6:30pm


-I would like the bridal bouquet to be very pink and made up of lillies (pink calla lillies and pink orchids). Also for the bridal bouquet please make sure it is NOT cascading (i.e. hanging flowers) --> pictures attached
cut and pinned ........ off white ivory //// pearl pins running down the side,/ for the bridal party just calla lilies/
--I really like the idea of having the 4 bridesmaids have a few calla lillies (preferably in pink) --> I have attached a picture of
--Regarding the back of the chairs I like the idea of blue and/or turquoise sashes with a pink flower (perhaps a cutting of fuschia bouganvilla or a pink stargazer lilly)
pink hibiscus and fuscia bougainvilla
--4 leis for the parents in the lei ceremony (perhaps white and purple orchids)
dads kukui and shell.. double ribbon for the moms, green ribbon for the dads,,,,,
--5 maile leis for the groom and groomsmen ,,, tea leaf maile leis for the groomsmen and the maile for the groom,
--Flower shower of pink flowers (could be roses or orchids)
--I still would like a flower runway with all white plumeria with alittle yellow in the center- perhaps lined with yellow and pink hibiscus for the chairs bows

I would like to do the mixing of sand - I want royal blue sand and then sand from Waimanalo to mix together. I would like my dad to blow the conch shell after the ceremony so he can bring that himself.

I would like to have my makeup and my mom's done at the hotel. Also I would like to have a manicure/pedicure for myself and perhaps
manicures for three of my bridesmaids done the morning of the wedding. No hair stylist is needed.


"I love you forever my Sweet and Sour Chicken Dumpling"


Best Men: Robert & Albert Bertram, Groomsmen: Brandon Erlacher and Matt Mallams.

Maid of Honor : Elyse Butler, Bridesmaids: Lisa Hammons, Marielle Kress, and Azadeh Meshkaty;

Father + Daughter dance : "I believe the light that shines on you Will shine on you forever"


Leis for the Family :
Fathers: Kukui nut with shell and leaves
Moms double tuberose,
Brides lei lei pikake
tea lea leaf for groomsmen
Groom Hawaiian Maile ...


Hawaii beach wedding with tiki men pre wedding with orange and pink Hawaiian tropical flowers


beach side ceremony setup in Hawaii with light pink sashes and pineapples with tiki torches and butterflies

Flowers Policy

Cake for a wedding in Hawaii with yellow and light pink plumerias

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