Josh & Melissa Wedding:  March 13th 2008
                   Aloha Island Weddings coordinated the first Mormon wedding well our first Mormon Beach Wedding!, they asked us if we could help coordinate a second wedding ceremony after their Mormon Wedding at the temple, we said sure!! although we were not allowed inside the temple to take photographs we managed to have all the family member and bridal party waiting for them outside the doors of the temple to start a  photo tour of the Oahu Laiea temple grounds,  and than onto their Beach Wedding!!.  We spent one hour with the  Temple tour than Melissa and Josh wanted to to some additional photos with tikis and at the beach where they met a fisherman who just caught a live octopus. They only had one hour to now to rest and eat at their Hotel :The Turtle Bay Hilton" until their next ceremony at the beach!.
Now I love to learn about other spiritual traditions and cultures especially when its related to weddings, so here is a bit of research that was discovered  about Traditional Mormon Weddings. First of all lets get the term right the ceremony is called "A Celestial Marriage":
According to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints' traditions and religious beliefs, there are two kinds of marriage, one of which is more traditional to the whole of society, and one called 'Celestial Marriage' that is the custom of LDS, or Mormons. Celestial marriage is also called the 'New and Everlasting Covenant' or 'Eternal Marriage.' Civil marriage is the legally binding contract between a husband and wife, performed by a member of the government, producing the legal marriage contract. Celestial marriage is performed by a member of the Priesthood only in the LDS temples. Also, only those members of the Church that have a temple may be celestially married. Marriage in present times to those outside the Mormon religious traditions is often thought of and regarded as a much looser contract than it was so many years ago. However, celestial marriage performed by the church is referred to usually as "sealing" by those within the religion. Sealing, or celestial marriage, is taken very seriously among the Mormons because it unites the souls of the couple through both life and death. It is believed that the Bible alludes that the heavenly bond between a husband and wife extends beyond death, and into the afterlife. The belief is that even after both spouses have died, they will once again be husband and wife in the afterlife. Celestial marriage is for eternity; not just until another man or woman takes one party's fancy. However, Mormon fundamentalists still believe in the old practice of celestial marriage.Although, much is kept in secrete for out siders and is not taught by church leaders, or by any of the priesthood.

  When a sealing, or celestial marriage takes place, it is in the sealing room of the LDS temple. While in other ceremonies the idea is too have as many people invited as possible, it is not the same with a celestial marriage in the temple. The guest list is limited to very close family and temple members. After the initial ceremony, there are is a separate celebration for a bigger crowd; friends, extended family, and general people wishing the couple well in their marriage. The dress code for the wedding is strict; clothing worn may be formal, but sheer material, aside from the veil, is frowned upon. Immodest clothing, such as short skirts, or strapless dresses, will have temples workers asking them to be covered. Also, around twenty years ago, and still practiced today, men and women being married in the temple are usually not alone. Many couples turn up to be married in the temple, sometimes all at once. Even if the bride or groom's families are at the temple, if they do not hold temple recommends and if not members of the LDS church, they will not be allowed in the sealing room. They'll wait outside, in the lobby or sitting room.

Civil marriage is, as previously mentioned, the ceremony performed by law producing the contract that legally binds two people together. Although celestial marriage is thought to be of higher significance than civil marriage, both are usually performed between LDS couples. Many Mormon couples choose not to experience "sealing" until later in their marriage, so they have civil ceremonies, and then later a celestial marriage. Though, that's not to say that the two cannot happen at the same time approximately; only church members and temple members are allowed within the sealing room, so a civil ceremony, or issuing of a marriage license has to take place later, or before. Those that prefer to marry in a civil ceremony first can do so at the same time as they are celestially married, but others prefer not to marry in the temple. Marriage within the temple is encouraged among church members, but as previously explained. some couples would rather wait. These couples must wait a year after their civil marriage before they can be re-married in the temple, and sealed to one another. If the two have had any children during that space, they can attend the ceremony so to be sealed to their parents. Although, if they had been married in the temple, their children would have been "born into the Covenant" and already sealed to their parents.

The term "reception" doesn't really apply to those who prefer to have temple weddings, and sealings. Instead, according to Mormon tradition, the couple will attend a private dinner with close family, and guests that were at the temple ceremony. Afterwards, there is an open house, instead of a reception, where the married couple allow all different people into their home to celebrate the couple. LDS church members who are married in civil ceremonies may have the open house custom, and partake in that tradition as well. Also, those that are married in the temple may prefer to instead have a semi-formal reception, with invited guests, and catered menus. This is more easily adopted, since some couples cannot have as many guests as they'd like in the temple, or if they had family members who couldn't attend because they weren't LDS members.  


  Thank you for the amazing time Melissa and Josh in sharing your Love and enthusiasm for photography ,
it was a joy to be a part of your special day:    
Paul Agung Head coordinator for Aloha Island Weddings

Hair and makeup 8:30am
Temple Ceremony 1100am
photo tour 1:00 to 2:50pm
Change & Snack at Hilton till 3:50pm
Beach ceremony 4:0pm
Family cake and photos 5:00pm
Polynesian cultural luau 5:45pm


Melissa spinning her wedding dress in from of the Mormon temple on Oahu photos by Paul

While doing the pre wedding photo shoot Josh & Melissa
met a fisher man who just caught a Octopus



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