Stephanie Ann Harshman + Matthew Alexander Reed

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Matthew is a very eclectic person. He is the type of guy that enjoys everything from a daring adventure to a night in on the couch. Matthew has grown up traveling because his dad was in the Army and has lived in numerous places such as New York, England, Texas, and California just to name a few. Matt has lived most of his life in Pleasanton California and that is where he met the love of his life, Stephanie Harshman. After graduating high school in Pleasanton matt went on down to San Diego where he attended San Diego State University. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Marine Biology and a minor in Naval Science. He took that love of the sea and joined the Navy as an Ensign in the United States Armed Forces and continues to serve to this day. Being in the Navy Matt gets to do what he loves best, travel, and see the world.

Stephanie at first seems as though she is very reserved, quite and shy but once you get to know her....
After graduating in 2005 from Foothill High School in Pleasanton Stephanie went to school at San Diego State University until 2008. As fate would have it after emergency transfering that fall she would attend California State University East Bay where she graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Biological Anthropology in 2010. After graduating in June a month later she headed to Virginia to finially be with Matty. The two had only seen each other only fourteen days since the new year (2010) had started.

wedding date : Aug. 20th a Saturday in 2011

Wedding time 2:00pm

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light shinning through the kiss of Stephanie and Mathew

How we met
How we met from Stephanie's perspective:
I remember it like it was yesterday. When I was young someone once told me that, "Your mother always knows best." Me being the person I am just shook off the advice since it seemed to have no relevance to my life or so I thought... little did I know it would be my mommy who would end up pointing out the love of my life way before I even knew it.
I had met Matt early that August when attending required band camp for our high school. I remember thinking oh my god what did I get myself into. It was so hot, we played our instruments 24/7 it seemed and marched everywhere.
Ask anyone and they would tell you Matt Reed was a ladies man... shoot she won biggest flirt all four years he was in band. I remember the comment that was said by the person roasting Matt, "He would even flirt with his sister."

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rock wall by Makapuu beach with Steph

Maid of Honor: Lindy Hirata Best Man: Matthew Strickland

Brides Maid: Jessica Morgan

Brides Maid: Kimberly Uriyu

Maitron of Honor: Heahter Morgensen

Groomsman: Stephen Bonfoey

Groomsman: Robert Harshman

Groomsman: Charles Morgan

Groomsman: Bradley Crocker


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star fish on the blue blue sea

How we met from Matthew's perspective:
This one time at band camp......
It was pretty much like that. Back in high school I did almost everything the school had to offer: Band, Football, Volleyball, Choir, Drama, Men’s Ensemble, Ect. With that it allowed me to meet this lovely girl named Stephanie Harshman. I was one of the cool kids in band, yes I said cool kid in band. Me and my two other friends matt and steve pretty much owned the band. The trend setters, the cool kids, the fun ones, the back of the bus crew. Since I was so involved in band I ended up making great friends that I would see for hours on a daily basis. This allowed me to meet pretty much everyone in the band. This brings me to Stephanie.
The story for me goes a little like this.
Around the time I was turning 16 and looking for a car I was really into getting a truck. My truck of choice at the time was a red Nissan Frontier. It was sporty yet tough and just looked awesome. So one morning while traveling to school I saw it! It was my dream truck! I said to myself shoot man I want that truck I want it so bad I would date the girl who owned it just so I could drive it... Little did I know that girl was Stephanie. So when I saw this hot, brace face, flute toting, band geek my heart melted... lol. Well I did say to myself I have not met this girl yet I need to meet her. If you don’t already know our band was awesome. About every 2 years the entire band makes a trip to Hawaii and that is where matt made his move. It was at paradise cove luau when I saw Stephanie walking down the beach by herself all frustrated about something. I saw this as my opportunity to talk with her for a while. So I joined her walking along the beach and she talked about this one annoying boy and how he made her angry. We ended up walking along the beach talking the whole night. It was then time to head back to the hotel but we did not want to stop talking. So we sat next to each other the whole ride back. I thought to myself that was a great night and I really enjoyed her company.
From there we started to get to know each other more. We would talk on AIM till the wee hours of the night; we would talk before band practice and on the weekends. This allowed me to get to know that Stephanie likes strawberries. So one morning of my junior year in high school during finals time I went to Jamba Juice. They were having a Strawberry bonanza. I thought to myself Steph really might want one of these Strawberries Wild drinks. So I ended up getting her a Strawberries Wild drink, a Tupperware box full of strawberries, and a strawberry flavored lip chap. I gave it to her before band practice. From that day steph thought that we were an item, but I hadn't officially "asked her out".
During the summer of my junior to senior year we went on double dates. Finally went on our first single "date" at On The Border. We continued throughout the summer until it was JW's pool party. The day was a blast I was like man I am thinking about asking steph out and JW said to me, "dude she has been waiting for you to ask her out now forever. Do it!" so later that night on her door step I sucked it up and asked her out. She said yes. We exchanged an innocent kiss and I said, "Now when I say "HEY GIRLFRIEND" it will be true."
And we have many great stories together as a couple from then on out... and may we have many more together as husband and wife.


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Flower Girl is Chloe Meacham and Ring Barer Ethan Meacham

wedding theme colors : cornflower blue+ orange



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