Tami Meyer   Albert Mogul




























Amore 2





2:00 pm for wedding ceremony

Arriving to Hawaii on the 26th on Tuesday

hotel staying at the Resort quest Waikiki beach hotel

Meet at the 26 at the hotel 7:00pm

Guest  37  guest

Bridal party
one maid of honor- Samantha
bestman - Alex

tourquise / pink  / light green

Parents are coming.

Reception Tikis bar and Grill
starts at 5:30pm

Bamboo Arch

flowers on the walkway pink plumeria scattered along the walkway
smaller lava rocks beginning of the rockway
sea shells and flowers......


**I would like a bamboo arch with turquoise, light green, and white fabric.  (I really like the arch in Natasha and Robert's wedding)
**For the chairs, I like the white chair covers with a turquoise fabric wrap and then some kind of green flower stuck in (I was thinking either a green orchid or green anthurium.)
**I would like pink plumeria petals scattered down the aisle
**Maybe a couple of small lava rocks can sit at the beginning of the aisle with some sea shells around it and some flowers?
**I would like to request a Hawaiian  minister
**We would like a ukulele for the solo musician
**For the flowers:
--Brides bouquet -->  mixture of plumerias, mostly pink
--Bridesmaid bouquet (I only have 1 bridesmaid) -->smaller version of mine
--1 Grooms lei --> Maile lei (the one traditionally worn by groom)
--1 Brides lei --> i'm not sure what's it's called, just one that is white and skinny
--2 Mothers leis --> white ginger leis
--2 Fathers leis --> not sure the name of it, it has small green leaves and kukui nuts
--1 Best Mans lei --> white orchid tea leaf
--1 Bridesmaids lei --> white orchid
**For the cake... 2 tiers with white frosting, 2 flavors - 1 with strawberries and cream and 1 with hawaiian coconut.  Maybe just some pink plumerias on and around the cake.
**We would like to incorporate a lei ceremony for the parents.  We also want to do a sand ceremony with just the bride & groom. 
Ok... here are my ideas.  I am very open to suggestions.  I have been on your website for hours and hours trying to figure out what I like.  Please let me know if there is anything thing else you need.  Also, do I need to obtain an permit to have the wedding on the beach?  We still want to have the ceremony on Makapuu Beach. 
Thank you sooooo much!!!
Tami Meyer & Albert Mogul

Brides bouquet a mixture of pink and dark pink plumeria flower
maid of honor .... similar but smaller a little different...

For the cake one flavor Strawberries and cream for bottom tier

and e Hawaiian coconut


Aloha!  My name is Tami and I am very interested in having Aloha Island Weddings assist in coordinating my wedding.  I live in Illinois but visited Honolulu 2 years ago with my now fiance, Albert and we fell in love with the sights and people and we have chosen to get married there on August 30, 2008.  Albert has family there and I think it would be so amazing to have a Hawaiian wedding.  I have emailed twice before and left a voice message and have not received a response.  I would love to hear that you could help plan our special day!  Please respond either way.  Thank you very much!

   I hope you got the email I sent with my ideas for the wedding.  I have a couple of more questions. 
How many people can fit in the limo that will take us to the ceremony?  Is it possible to get another limo or some form of transportation for some of the guests?  There will be a total of 35 guests not including bride and groom.  But I'm only expecting a maximum of 15 of the guests to need transportation to the ceremony site.  Also, if the wedding starts at 2pm, what time do you think we will leave the hotel?  That's all I can think of now :)   We will flying in  in the afternoon.  Do you want to meet that day?  Thanks sooo much!