Wedding is a celebration of two souls being united as one. The soon to be husband and wife have their own love story to tell to reach this far in their relationship. Wedding is an appropriate occasion to share their love story to their family and friends. A video montage could be presented during the wedding reception of the couple.

 Wedding video montage is a collection of photos as well as other images that is arranged in order of events that happened in the life of the bride and the groom before they met, when they met, when they started their relationship and the story of how they reached the special day of their lives which is their wedding day. It is usually presented as a slideshow during the couples wedding reception through a projector or screen. 

 The wedding videographer usually sets up an interview with the couple. It will be their choice if they want to have the interview together or separately. Based on the experience of videographers, the couple can answer questions best when interviewed separately. The interview will be basically about before they met, how they met and things that happened with them being together. This is one of the most emotional part of the wedding aside from the bride and the grooms’ exchange of wedding vows. The interview can take place on where they first met, where the groom proposed or where the couple had their first date. The interview can also take place in the bride’s home or could be taken in a studio. The questions that should be given to the couple should not be answerable by “yes” or “no” but the couple should be able to tell a short version of their love story.

 After the interview, the videographer then gets photos from the couple. The photo should contain their childhood photos, photos when they were growing, photos when they met and photos of them together. Incorporate funny photos of each of you as well as the both of you. You must get to have a lot of pictures so that you can get to choose the good ones that you want to be included in the montage. A good wedding videographer knows how to use motion effects so the video will be good. Scanning the pictures as well as editing them will be done. After that adjustments will be made on the photos to make sure that they bring out the colors. Captions should also be added for the guest to be aware what the photo is while it is being presented. Editing skills of the videographer will come here a video montage requires to be edited first before it can be presented. It is like a pre-wedding video presentation for the couple. The video montage must not be dull and lifeless but it should capture the attention of all the people in the wedding.

 One way to capture the attention of the wedding guest as well as the couple is to incorporate the video montage with good quality music. The music will serve as a background while the photos are being shown. The couple has the option to choose the music as long as they are open to the suggestions of the videographer. There are some songs that are not appropriate to the video and would eventually make the whole video boring. That is the reason why it is also important to choose a good song that will suit the video. The couple would also want to include their favorite song on the list.

this is a video photo montage of a wedding couple in Hawaii preparing for the big event

 A video montage will definitely make the wedding a very special one. It is a part in the wedding where the couple can get to reflect on the past and be thankful for still being together after all. The guest will also appreciate the video montage presentation since they will get to know the couple better and they will also know the love story behind it. Video montage can come with the package when you get wedding videography service.

Other wedding videographers also offer video montage for free when the couple avails of their service. A good wedding video montage will be a token of love for the coup


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