Wedding symbolizes the celebration of the love of a couple. That is the reason that every part of the wedding is very important. Wedding videos are made to have the couple preserve their wedding day. The video should contain wedding shots that are important. It should consist of the events that the bride and groom expect to see in their wedding video. As much as the couple wants to have the whole event captured in the video it will be impossible since it will take up a lot of time when the video is being watched. There are important shots that should be included in the wedding video.

 Before the wedding, video of the bride and the bridesmaid getting ready is usually taken. It is a general knowledge that wedding is the day of the couple but most especially the bride. So the preparations of the bride before the wedding will have some shots. Some additional shots that can be included are wedding gowns, accessories, bouquets, flower girl basket, ring bearer pillow and jewelries. Meanwhile, the groom and the groomsmen will also be taken some shots while preparing. But the shots of the bride will be more detailed than the groom shots. The groom will get to have a shot of getting boutonniere which is being placed by his mother. Also get a picture of the church, the altar and the flowers arrangement in the church. Arrival of guest as well as the departure of the bride from her house should be taken.

 Arrival of the brides’ limo at the church should be taken. There are so many angles in the ceremony that should be taken so that is the reason it is important that there is more than one video that is used by the videographer. At the ceremony, it is very important to capture the wedding entourage walking down the aisle. But remember that the highlight of the wedding march is the bride walking down the aisle. All cameras should be available when it is the turn of the bride to walk in the aisle. The videographer should attend wedding rehearsals this is for knowing how to get the best shot and position while the couple is exchanging their wedding vows. Other cameras that are not focused on the bride and the groom can take shots of how the family of the couple reacts during the exchange of vows.

 After the ceremony, shots could be taken while the couples have photos taken with their families, wedding entourage and friends. Take videos of the couple leaving the church as well as the limo of the couple headed for the wedding reception. There are some couples that will get a package that will include the wedding video be taken while they are on the road. This is very tricky and hard to cover and it will take a professional videographer to have good shots of this.

 At the wedding reception, another videographer must be able to get shots of the place before the wedding party arrives. Take videos of the cake, the band and centerpieces on the table. Get to take shots of guest arriving at the reception but videographer must be aware when the couple arrives. As soon as the limo arrives in the reception, the shots should be started until the wedding party enters the reception. The reception is where most activities takes place such as the parents dance with their bride and groom, first dance of the couple, best man’s toast, cake cutting, garter removal and toss, bouquet toss, guestbook signings and speeches made by the bride and groom. Be aware of romantic moments of the couple like when they are asked by the guest to kiss. Also get shots of the gifts the couple received in their wedding. Capture moments of the guests saying their goodbyes and congratulating the couple. Taking video of the couple leaving the reception while they are being showered with confetti is a must.


Weddings have a lot of parts that is good for taking video. But videos can’t capture every single moment in a wedding. It is very important that the videographer is aware of what shots are important and what are not too important. This will help them anticipate what parts of the wedding should be given more focus when taken shots.







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