Wedding photos of Jewel & Jamie's wedding
    A few emails from the bride::                       Our colors have changed a little due to
my bridesmaid's dress colors, so hopefully this won't mess you up at
all!!!  I'll just send a list here, and we can discuss in further
detail when I call you in the next couple of weeks.
Date: 4:00pm December 29th/08
Location:  (personally I would like your expertise
here...which would you say is the better location?)
Colors:Bright pink, yellow, orange, light green (much the same
coloring and style as Michael Marten and Mahon Walker's
ceremony...LOVED their colors and flowers!  You did a beautiful job)
Isle: Bamboo archway
       flowers:white/light green orchids, as well as other tropical flowers
       Pink bows/ and orange or lavender ribbons  on seats with pale cream/green orchids or other
tropical flower
       Like lots of floral along isle.
Ceremony: would like sand mixing during ceremony
Cake:  Vanilla cream with 2 tear pink/cream orchids
Bouquets: orange roses with pale cream/green orchids
Leis: for parents (4)
Guests: 30 people (including wedding party of 8..tentatively 22 seated)
Christian Hawaiian minister preferably.
Musician: ukelele player (would love if he could do the somewhere over
the rainbow song...I would also like to know if he could do a personal
request if possible). Thank you so much Paul for being so patient with my changes here!!!
Look forward to talking to you soon, and hope you are doing well and
staying busy!:)


Hawaiian green leaf fern with pink and orange small roses for the bows of the chairs
sashes consist of organza sea green mist iredecent bubble gum pink and light lavender


pre  wedding   family   bridal   amore  cliffs


father of the bride sings to the wedding couple


bottle of the sand ceremony natural and pink sand


a close up of the flowers in my bouquet.

pre  wedding   family   bridal   amore  cliffs