How Wonderful Wedding Reception Moments are Captured in Video

Wedding reception is one part in a wedding event that couples as well as their guest look forward to. This is where guest and the couple get to interact and enjoy the couples big day. Preserving the fun and the special moment is very essential. This is the reason the couple needs to hire professional videographers to make sure that accurate shots and beautiful moments will be taken during the wedding ceremony and on the reception.
       In the Videographer guide we suggest you prepare in advance or before the wedding day. They should visit the reception venue and look for best shots or angles that they can take. Observing the lights on the place is very important because this will help the videographer to bring proper lighting equipments for the wedding video not to look dark and gloomy. Video takers will be able to suggest good lighted places where the couple can have their speech, waltz and cake cutting by talking it out with soon to be bride and groom with the help of the manager of the reception venue. Also talking the shots that the couple wants to have in the reception should be made.


It is recommended that you study a few common questions often asked to videographers consist of two or three in a group to cover the wedding ceremony as well as the reception. Before the couple leaves the church to go to the reception venue, some of the assistant videographers should be packing up the equipments to bring to the reception. As soon as the couple leaves, videographers should be leaving immediately too so they will get to the venue earlier than the couple. Video footage of the couple stepping down the limo when they arrive at the reception should be taken. Meanwhile, there are some ways for the videographers to be able to set up their equipment in the reception before the couple arrives. There are some extra shots that can be taken while the bride and the groom are on the way to the reception. Candid shots of the couple in the limo as well as taking a couple of photos if they happen to pass by a scenic location could be one way of having the video equipments ready in the reception before the couple comes. But this will be dependent on the package the couple have for their wedding video service.
     After taking shots of the couple as soon as they arrive on the reception, videographers rush inside the reception venue to take videos of the entrance of the bridal party. Videographers usually have more than one video camera that they use. The other cameras could be on tripods to be handled by other videographers. This is done so that all angles will be covered and video takers can get to select what angle is the best for the couples wedding video. Also be sensitive to the sound or the audio. The sound must be able to capture the happiness that fills the place as well as the words uttered by all those who will be speaking.
The wedding reception has a lot of activities that videographers should take shots of. Video of the wine toasts, first dance, cutting the cake as well as toss of the garter and bouquet is very important shots to be included in the wedding video. What is good in taking videos is that you can be able to capture everything, from the laughter to the tears of happiness. In the wedding reception, videographers can get too close to what they are taking shots of unlike during the wedding ceremony where it was formal. It is also important that video shots will be taken while the couple is going from one table to the other mingling with their guests who in return is wishing the couple best wishes.    
      Some wedding reception video package includes a montage of photos of the couple from their childhood until they met. They are interviewed separately and would be sharing to the guest the start of their love journey. This will be projected on a large screen at the reception. Videographers will get to edit the shots and will also get to incorporate music in it. The video will also serve as a keepsake to the couple.
      Video serves as a tool for the couple to remember every single moment that happened during their wedding day. What is important is that the video gets to capture the true essence of the wedding day which is the celebration of love of the couple.