Hawaii weddings & Estate beach waterfall ceremonies

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Tropical rainbow heliconia flowers

flower circle with Hawaiian heliconia flowers

more flower circle for beach decoration on the sand


   Tropical hardy and exotically colorful are the variety of Heliconia producing dramatic statement for a wedding, they grow well with bamboo and maybe found in many tropical Hawaiian floral designs throughout Hawaii and the Hotels. If not left in water they may be prone to browning. there is also the smaller variety which is shown in the photo that come in red yellow orange and pink. Some Heliconias are more affected by seasonal weather patterns in Hawaii and are found more likely in the spring to the summer months. they tend to be to bulky for flower bouquets but add a nice touch for arrangement when one is desiring tropical feel. Tea leaves, large green palms banana leaves torch ginger go very well with this flower
flower designs with tropical petals
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Sand may be decorated with flowers as easy as 123, the Hawaiian floral's add a lovely
 bright colorful touch to a beach weddings with bright pink torched ginger, rainbow and lemon
yellow heliconia flowers grown on the mountainous