Sunset photography on Oahu from honolulu Waikiki to the North shore of the islands welcome to Aloha Island weddings
* Sunsets in Hawaii *
usually wedding couples have their ceremony on the beach in the late afternoon to see the bright blue colors of the waters ,
then later during sunset time meet back with the photographer for those remarkably beautiful sunset photos .
Its perfect for an after wedding
photos shoot or before the dinner and reception begins

Holly and Matts sunset photos

Eric and Becky's Wedding

Scarlet + Chris Wedding

Aimee & John wedding sunset at Paradise Cove

There is something to be said about the
sunsets in Hawaii
.It could be said that to get a real feel for it, one must experience for themselves standing on a white sand beach and watching the sun as it crosses the ocean horizon. The feel of the air, that special sort of misty-blue where you forget if it's the sky or the ocean that's making it happen. Or the sounds of tropical birds, a whole chorus singing the song of another beautiful day in paradise.

The Radiant Sky Color Carnival has
Every second the sun dips lower in the sky, the house lights get turned up.
They come in every color imaginable. The bursts of pink, the splashes of red,
the seeping oranges, calming blues, and bold purples coming at you live in the highest
definition of clarity your eyes have ever beheld.
As your face is illuminated by the deep tones, your spouse whispers "I love you" in your ear and the world stops.
The colors freeze. The Carnival tent topples over into night.

In the dawn of my life, right before sunrise, I was surrounded by
vibrant full color radiant sunset spectrum
and felt connections. Still,
Morning came and the sun rose as high as my spirits, for I had found you.

flying high with love free like the phoenix , honoring / renewed /refreshed / the next generation of insight .

It is important to remember that your setting sun is also a rising sun.
The end marks the beginning. You've cast aside loneliness
and found the perfect partner to walk that path
together toward infinite expansion .

Mid-day and our love was so bright we had to wear sunglasses to keep the blinding brightly , castled emulate eternal emotion like a ray burst form the sun.

By afternoon we were ready to embark on a journey together as one, a union of light for days to come.

When the sun bows graciously, in honor of our marriage, in preparation for it's setting, we hold each other close and smile. We are not afraid

Another dawn, our first dawn together, is just around the corner.

Immerse yourself in the red glow of the day's end. Standing on the beach, each pebble beneath your feet . The tide is overtaken by amore's fresh colors and it recedes to give more ground to flourish upon. Gaze at the reflection of waves, both ocean and solar, in your beloved's eyes and feel yourself reflecting just the same. As the sun sinks behind the waves, the twilight beams magnetic into your souls. You are forever trapped in that moment together, for the rest of your lives.

Endless ocean and sky meet with the sun as it crosses the threshold into dusk,
defining that moment when everything aligns and becomes
the unique harmonious background to
your sunset wedding photos.

Cool pastel descending solar breezes tingle on your skin, exciting your nerves as you
stand in the warmth of the fading sunlight. Your spouse is there feeling it with you,
and the delicate beauty of that moment is captured so you can treasure it for a lifetime.

Every evening when
all the ships are at rest,
I start my journey
to the other side.

Every 24 hours I do it again....

365 times a year...

10 years a decade...

10 decades a century...

10 centuries a millennium...

Countless millennia,
over and over again until
ages stretch to eons,
eons to the ends of time...

But once...

Just once...

In all times, in all spaces,
in all moments of every
living thing that ever lived,
lives, or shall live...

I set for you on your wedding day.

They came from the north. The far north. White was all they knew and cold was all they felt. That all
changed the moment they walked onto the beach at sunset. Their blue skin didn't pale,
it came alive. Each step brought more life into their bones. The bones began
rubbing against muscle, muscle against organ, organ to skin,
until the blue disappeared. When they breathed,
each breath was like an infant's
first gasp of air. It was new.
They were renewed.

They stayed on the beach until long after the sun had bid them good night.
They promised each other upon returning to the north that whenever they felt the cold had become
too unbearable, they would return here to be born again.

Surfers at Sunset riding the waves in Hawaii before dark