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Plumeria Flower bouquets

bride holding a dark pink plumeria bouuet

Saa + Vince

yellow plumeria bouquets with bridesmaid and teal blue for the bride

Jani & Ray
Yellow plumeria bouquets with the bridesmaids ,
beautiful teal plumerias added for the bride

White plumeria bouquet set in green tea leaf on the grass by the side of the beach in Hawaii

Katie and Aaron's design : Light pink Hibiscus , with dark ones in the back , with white dendodrium orchids
scattered fresh flowers for the walkway ,,, side lining consist of Hawaiian Laupaka fern ,
with bird of paradise lining the aisle way . Bamboo baby salmon pink ,
silvery white . dark midnight blue . More beach wedding setups here

Mike and Brandy Hawaiian themed weddng with tiki's Lono and Ku watching over them
while they cut the cake , plams with brids of paradise and star fish created a natural organic
style arch for the couple to stand under for their wedding vows
more awesome cakes with tropical flowers and Hawaiian flavors
found here

Hawaii Wedding Flowers for the Creative Minds

beautiful light and dark pink plumeria bouquet with the bride on Oahu

White plumeria bouquet set in a silver oasis amist Hawaiian tropical flowers on the beach in Hawaii

Fragrance ,Remembrance & Passion of Hawaiian island  "The Plumeria flower"


This Hawaii style plumeria bouquet has a mixture of red roses
purple dendrodruim orchids and bright yellow plumeria flowers

Bright colorful Hawaii style plumeria bouquet had a mixture of white and yellow tiger lilies with  white dendrodruim orchids and the bright yellow plumeria flowers


Bright delicious colorful Pink and orange center
plumeria flower 

Exotic flowers of Hawaii are plentiful and colorful, we are to start this collection with the beauty and eclectic variety of the plumeria flower.
Hawaii's most loved flower with its special appeal to be strung as a Hawaiian flower lei, is often the flower of choice to be given to guest as they arrive to Hawaii.  Beauty ,delicacy, fragrant and colorful is the  plumeria flowers, a perfect addition to a island style wedding ,  bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages and flower table arrangements brings the tropical island feel right to the heart when plumeria flowers are added .
 Its botanical name is known as the Apocynaceae but is  commonly known as the Frangipani plumeria flower. It grow abundantly on all of the islands of Hawaii. There are 7 distinctive species of which the most cultivated and easiest to grow is { P.Rubra } the original family flower plumeria of which countless varieties are derived from.
The fragrance of the white flower with the yellow center is intoxicating and blissful, its scent most recognized in Hawaii  that reminds one of the topical islands ,  others colorful flowers come in varying shades such as of pink, yellow, red and rainbow combinations all have their distinctive fragrance, there is also a Plumeria flower of somewhat larger petals with blunted shaped leaves. Collectors of this flower often breed a type of bud that produces a flower dwarfed in size but not in its scent .

Mixture of colorful plumeria flowers

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