Jill and James Hawaiian wedding

flower up in the air aas the guest throw Hawaiin plumerias over the bride and groom Jill and james as they finish their vows and rings exchange

bridal portrait shot and also couple playing in the water

RUMI "Love is reckless; not reason. Reason seeks a profit. Love comes on strong, consuming herself, unabashed" 

dinner cruise joy and laughing in the water

Our Wedding date : June 1st on the beautiful island of Oahu towards the east side
where the Light house shines , Time of the ceremony @ 12:30pm

water photoshoot in Hawaii at Makapuu beach

masterpiece painting of a wedding photo
Our wedding photo has turned into a masterpiece of Painted Art Too!

RUMI " Love is the Water of Life Drink it down with heart and soul!"  

May 31st ..... 530pm Rehearsal @ the Hitlon Hawaiian village Pool lagoon
Location : Baby sands of Makapuu beach

Our wedding theme colors are Coral / Peachy cream roses & orchids / Sun Yellow /
Bright Mango Orange / Natural Hawaiian green leaves


Family and bridal party getting ready in our room in Waikiki at the Hilton Hawaiian village hotel


Our Pre wedding photo shoot took place at the Hilton Hawaiian Village


y the waters edge

21 Guests came to our wedding ceremony plus our Bridal Party

Our Bridal Party Robin Willaims & Jesse Runge 2 Groommen : Brian & Isaac
: Bridesmaids : Robin Willaims & Jesse Runge 2 Groommen : Brian & Isaac

wedding finally married Jill and james on top of the cliffs looking at the photographer

Scene from our under water photo shoot in Hawaii : Trash the Dress :


Our Deluxe Beach Chapel Arch Package

wedding logo for aloha island weddings

Onsite Wedding Coordinator Bamboo / Palms arch

black and white Oahu beach wedding setup with rabbit island in the background

The state flower the large Yellow and pink eyed hibiscus with peach roses ,
large cymbidiums orchids plus Hawaiian dark green leafed fern

pink roses Hawaii state flower yellow hibiscus and pink cymbidians on the archway

Our aisle way flowers we wanted to use the endemic florals of Hawaii that are bright and happy
the best ones that fit our idea were the pink hibiscus and yellow and white plumerias we also opted for a
simple lining of local Palms to rundown the pathway up to the arch

flowers of bright pinks and yellows scattered on the sand
Hawaiian flowers flowers on arch :


Our laid back local Rev officiant Kimo James Taylor
r the archRev Kimo taylor was our minister here is a photo of him und

 just up from our wedding site is a gorgeous setting of cliffs over looking the pacific ocean where we took our last wedding shots
just up from our wedding site is a gorgeous setting of cliffs over
looking the pacific ocean where we took our last wedding shots

Our Bridal Flowers


jill and James photo shoot at Makapuu point bride wears a pink crown of flowers around her head Hawaiian style

in the ocean water the couple kisses while trying to stay afloat

more loving in the water the day after our wedding for trash the dress

kissing by the rocks with rabbit island in the background with the sacred pools of Makapuu beach
Our Underwater photo shoot the day after our beach wedding @ Makapuu tide pools
on a wonderful sunny day we jumped into the ocean after baout an hour of photos on the
natural forming lava rocks that has created the islands form the volcano

making a heart of love with our hands at a photo tour at Makapuu beach pools
making a heart of love with our hands at a photo tour at Makapuu beach pools

Having fun with the material blowing in the ocean this chiffon is from our beach wedding
Having fun with the material blowing in the ocean this white organza chiffon
is from our beach wedding arch the day before

photo tour shoot at Makapuu before the newly weds got wet in the ocean

Our Sunset Reception Dinner Cruise

dinner cruise for the setup for reception

menu for dinner cruise


Logo vintage
Aloha Island Weddings
1154 Fort street Mall suite #208
Honolulu Hawaii , 96813
E-mail: infi8ity@gmail.com
Phone : 1 808 294-9385

time line logo

8:30am to 1030am Hair and Makeup {for the bride only}

8:30 and 900 am - photographer arrives to Hotel with flowers

11:15am Shuttle pickup for guest

11:45am Brides limo pickup

12:00pm Guest arrive with groom to the wedding site

12:25pm bride arrives in limo to the wedding site

12:30pm Wedding ceremony

12:45pm Photo family / cake / drink / fun /

2:15pm Guest head back to Waikiki

2:00pm to 2:30pm : Romantic photo with the bride and groom

Limo Arrives with wedding couple back to Waikiki @ by 4:00pm

4:20pm Shuttle Bus pickup Hilton Hawaiian Village

5:00pm load for the reception for the Dinner Cruise

7:10pm is Sunset time on the day of the wedding


by the lava rocks of Makapuu during our in the ocean photo time with Paul and Dewi


Flower examples that the bride likes

all moon orchid bouquet example

Ok first they need to choose a minister ! .

Ok Here is a link to fill out the application , once it is finished they will send you a wedding locator number that you will bring into the office in Hawaii to pick up your

Lisence , then that is brought to the wedding for the minister and for the wedding couple to sign

This is where we applied for our Marriage license application :

Marriage license application info

I remember you said this would be the time to do that .... Yes you may start the proccess now ,
Are you working on a website they can include on their wedding invitations?
They wanted to start working on putting together their invitations and hopefully be able to send them out in February.

Ok Yes i will need to go over this today , on what exactly they want me to add to the website invitations .
for example should we add activities for guest to go to ? phone numbers ?flight and hotel information ?Yes lets chat about this today ..

arch style we like colors of the archway we want to have for our wedding

Also, what should they include on their invitations since this will be on a beach?

Jill and James were also wondering if you could send them more information on the officiants available?


Yes here is a list of our ministers ,, , i will give them his phone number and email to see if its a good fit

They wondered if you had any YouTube videos of them officiating so they had a better idea of their personalities.

You mentioned you will have horderves after the ceremony.

Do you pick those or are there options concerning those?

our minister kimo blowing the conch shell

Yes this is what we usually have at the ceremony ,
though if you have any favorite foods let us know , or you want to change appetizers menu just let us know ,
we advise no meat or seafood because it brings the flies .

How about the flower bouquets you provide?
Yes let me work on updating the site with flower bouquet section ,
Does Jill have several options to pick from?
Will you be sending her pictures of bouquets to chose from?

yes we have a flower section on your website she may look at , also our florist is able to custom make
out any bouquet so if she sees any bouquet she likes
just send us a photos so our florist may replicate it .

cake style ideas for my wedding

If you need to talk about anything else maybe we could cover it with another 3 way call?

Next week would work for us if it works for you! Maybe in the evening?

Thanks Paul and hopefully we will hear from you soon! Celia Gregory Sent from my iPhone 

King protea sample flower proteas from the big island of Hawaii protea sample
orange hibiscus sample


I am interested in finding out more about Aloha Island weddings. My daughter wants to get married in Oahu, either (Tuesday)May 31, or (Wednesday)June . We were interested in the Deluxe Beach Chapel Arch Pkg. Where are your beach locations? Are they more secluded beach locations? What do you require for a deposit? How far out should someone book the date? I also have a question about getting the marriage license. Memorial Day is May 30. I am assuming the govt. office is not open that day .. Which might make it not possible to get married on Tuesday? We will be traveling to Oahu the weekend before from Missouri, Minnesota and Nebraska.

my limo style with flowers on the hood