Aloha from Paul & Dewi


Soul mates ...., found each other & the fairytale blossomed

Did you know Hawaiian love songs & native chants frequently uses the term
" Ku'uipo - as a metaphor for a flower,
{Sweetheart, lover or a flame }
Newly opened flower bud, flower lei, or even a Hawaiian bird known
as the i`iwi  {scarlet honey}

Paul's Grandma + Grandpa's wedding back in the 1940's .


Dewi dancing at a reception traditional Balinese { Cendrawasih }

"A Passion for Dreams & A love for Life"

We love to travel & play so we thought what a better way to get to know us
then through some fun videos we have made in Hawaii and around the world

Trash the dress with Dewi Paul on Harp / Laulani on ukulele Dewi in Bali
Dewi in Japan as a Butterfly New roller skates Dewi dancing Balinese





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"hello starry star fish from the deep bleu sea ....have you seen my lover that you sent to me"