Lotus Car shoot Reception Sunset

Jennifer Blackwood + David Hogan

"Without end without beginning always love"

- Jennifer and David do not drink champagne so could we substitute Sprite please .
of course we can have sparkling apple cider , juice, sprite /soda hawaiian drinks ect for everyone!

- Guest limo - would 1.15 pm be the correct time for the guest limo to leave the Outrigger

yes we have your wedding at 2:30pm right ,, so they should be arriving about 200pm which is perfect .

- Leis - Bride - white
Groom - green leaves
Groomsmen/bridesmaids - yellow frangipani
Guests (21)

Bridal Party 2 on each side`Maid of Honor : Sarah .

Bridesmaid : Katrina
Best Man : Micheal
Groomman : Andrew
When are flying to Hawaii on Friday 12th arrive 11:00am
Outrigger on the Beach / Meet 13th Saturday / 900 am....
Departing Hawaii : Friday the 19th
Minister Leihulu Mamo

Lei hulu Mamo up at the alter with Jennifer and David

Lotus Car shoot Reception Sunset