Shawn & Aki Photo Tour


Out next stop after Makapuu was Sandy beach about 30 minuets from Waikiki, this beautiful white sand location is famous for the great waves for body surfing over to the left side of the beach there palm trees and little park right on the beach which we used to take a few more photo....
Welcome to our palm tree wedding photo tour in Oahu 

물빛 푸른 하와이의 하늘아래
두 사람이 하나가 될 아름다운 약속을 하려합니다.
사랑으로 가득 채워 즐거움은 나누고 어려움은 이겨내는
주님안에서 함께 나아가는 삶을 꾸리겠습니다.

언제나 아름답고 주위에 사랑을 나누는 행복한 가정을 이루도록 부디 오셔서 축복하여 주시면 더 없는 기쁨이 되겠습니다.

사나미 아키

혼례식 년 월 일 (금) 오전 11시
Bellows Beach에서

피로연 년 월 일 (금) 오후 1시30분

Thank you for the information which you gave me before about hair & make up stylist.
But both the tour and my wedding i booked a hair stylist already........, Kimono photo tour and our wedding day, I booked a Japanese stylist whom I found.
She is very nice and we can talk in Japanese so that I can tell my preference more easily.
On 24 Wednesday, I'll be ready by 9:00am and we can start taking photos as soon as we get to the location where you recommended.
Do you want Shawn to drive our own car to the photo location or you two can pick us up?
Either way is fine for us ( But we easily pass the destination since we came in Hawaii though...)
Thank you always,





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