Shawn & Aki's pre wedding photo tour starting at Makapu'u

Aki with her sister the maid of honor

  Shawn and Aki's photo tour took place three days before their wedding, The Kimono was a wedding present from Aki's grandmother. The preparation for wearing the kimono took almost two hours plus another hour and half for hair and makeup. We started in their Hotel at the ala Moana,
than head straight to Makapuu beach Cliff lookout where the day turned out to be beautiful, we headed after to sandy beach and the blowhole for the final shoot, we had a lot of fun and here are some of our photos that we took that day.

皆様には ますますお健やかにお過ごしのこととお慶び申\u12375 し上げます
さて このたび私たちはハワイにて結婚式を挙げることになりました
つきましては ベロウズビーチにて挙式後
ご多忙のところ また遠方からのお越しで誠に恐縮ではございますが
私たちの新しい門出にぜひお立会いいただきたくご案内申\u12375 し上げます


Shawn H Shin
佐波 亜樹  記
挙式   月  日(金)午前11時より

披露宴   月  日(金)午後 時  分よ

     レストラン     にて


Setup   Wedding  Family  Amore    Kimono Photo tour : Blow hole : Palm Trees









Setup   Wedding  Family  Amore    Kimono Photo tour :: Blow hole :: Palm Trees

Photo tour      Blow hole    Palm Trees    In the room


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