Butterfly Release for Wedding in Hawaii


Like a handful of faery dust weightless and free
So our love moves for everyone to see
And in our embrace as two becomes one
They surround us in the fluttery light butterfly love

The motion of the wing. Oscillations creating microscopic hurricanes in each thrust.
Feeling it's way out into the world. The cosmic destruction of space as it propels
itself forward is a mere bat of the eye in comparison with it's surroundings.

Illuminated lovely Butterfly
Sweet Hawaii Romance
with the updated 21st century flavor of sincerity


Christine Zheng and Matthew Flood


Butterfly frolic away celebrate with us a wedding bright and gay , invited winged guest today, a special day to fly free my sweet lovely butterfly. Masters of wind and currents in the air oranges and blues and reds floating so fair fragrant seekers .

The love we have for each other began as an egg. Time and the sun helped nurture
it until it split, and our love became larva, crawling across the surface of our relationship
and eating every moment, growing bigger. Our love grew so big it had to encase itself in silk
to keep from exploding and scattering out everywhere.
The cocoon sat, a rock among the plants signifying the foundation of a union built to last.
When it hatched, and husband joined with wife, our love was freed to fly high in the light of the world.

Our new welcomed butterfly friend who joined in on the festivities

bride blows a kiss to the butterfly that just landed on her bouquet

Life can be like floating on the wind sometimes.
A flitter here, a flutter there. Never sure of the exact direction,
but the motion feels right. Unprovoked trust is forged.
You become one with the wind.

How many flights does the butterfly take
In its life how many dawns must it wake
Mother Earth provides it with nourishment
From above the sun's feeding rays are sent

During anytime upon the wedding couples request, these magnificent creatures
can be released in a variety of colors,
leaving behind the transgressions to leave lasting impression.
This can be all the colors of the rainbow, as butterflies tend to be made up of.

This day is ripe for butterflies! Oh ye, oh yip, oh yes let them flip!
This day is ripe for flyingbutters! Oh ne, oh nit, oh no let them flit!

Have you ever seen the sky-leopards? They only appear on beaches before sunset.
You'll recognize their blue skin immediately,
but what are those orange twittering spots they're covered in? They make them look so regal!
In the waning hours of the day, they join in the celebration of unity.
Overwhelmed with love, they burst into the reddest of flames as their spots fly off into the sun.

Her arms outstretched, she called his name. She knew it from her dreams.
He heard her in his heart and it began beating.

Unfurling from out her back came four of the largest wings of the brightest white ever seen.

Her family gathered at the edge of the garden and held hands.
The woman flapped her wings, gaining momentum and finally lifting off the balcony toward the well.

She closed her eyes, as did he. They waited for the moment,
the very moment when they would touch and feel connected for the first time.

The family cheered. Dreams really do come true.

flowering bouquets gleam bright, take
leave of your weary wings @ rest on a petal
clove soft to a make a bed soft for a sight filled withdelight .

Blowing the butterfly a kiss


. The celebration of a new beginning is represented
by these lovely creatures because they were once incomplete,
until their life had changed fluttery labrynth of joy ,
wings that unfold the music of the wind

The Monarch butterfly taking of into the sunset


butterfly orchid picture girls



Below are some youtube video on Butterflies

Lyrics to the Butterfly song

I met a girl today
I couldnt believe it
Birds they flew around her
a butterfly on her shoulder

saw her walking down the street
was like a dream
I gave her a flower
But she didn’t need it

She’s so sweet
Birds they flew around her
She’s so necta
a butterfly on her shoulder

say I wanna talk to you and get to know you
she say she’s got to go to a party maybe I’ll see you there
wanna be her man and I think I can
so I can hold her hand and be close to her

like wings of the butterfly my hearts a flutter
wish she was mine but I’m such a boy

wanna take her to my room
fill it with her sweet perfume
leave a note for her when I go

wanna be her man
I think I can
so I can hold her hand
and be close to her

she’s so sweet….

Wish I was like the butterfly
Close to her