At Wedding in Hawaii the Conch shell is used to announce the arrival of the bride
though of course they make for nice photo props also

Groom holds a conch shell as his bride gives hi a plumeria flower lei

Groom hold a dark pink plumeria flower lei ready to give her for the ceremony while holding a Hawaiian conch shell too

minister Hawaiian Kimo blows the conch shell

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conch shell sitting on a tabe at the wedding

to much ligth inspires the wings to fly

Tradition has it the shell is sounded in the four direction
Starting East - North - West and than South

The Hawaiian Shell  "conch"

conch shell on the tabl with the wedding cake with palm in the sand arch in the distance

The Pu { Large Shell} was sometimes used to announce chants, hula dancers,
 and was used to announce the coming of the Kings canoes as it arrived to the different islands .
Now sometimes when couples are wanting to have a Hawaiian "feel" to their wedding
they are choosing to have the shell sound right before the bride starts to walk
signaling to everyone the bride is coming,

groom in traditional Hawaiian hula skirt blowing the conch shell conch

conch shell with the island in the distance

Teri family wedding setup in Hawaii

The word for the large shell that comes
 from the ocean is called " Pu ",
 The Hawaiian conch shell may be
as large as 12 inches in length, 
|It is still used today as it was in the
olden days to signify royalty
or an important event was to start.
it is blown much like a trumpet is blown.
The sound vibration of the Hawaiian shell Pu
can be heard if blown correctly miles away .
The Hawaiian tradition still hold for
modern times and is used frequently
on all the island of Hawaii,

conch shell with a all white weding cake


conch shell on the sand with champagne glasses

kahu Roland with conch

Hawaiian man

wooden bowl with conch shell on the sand

conch shell on hawaii beach wedding table with a bouquet of tropical flowers



Sea shell by the cale with the arch in the distance on the beach

the groom blowing the conch shell for his bride

This wedding in Hawaii
on the beach of Kailua the groom is practicing
blowing the conch shell
before his wedding ceremony

Sea shell, Ocean Song
play your a melody
Sing about the ocean
Tell me about the sea,  

   Author: unknown

Here is a picture of a Conch shell
 sitting in a wooden bowl
encircled by white tiny shell lei
in the background you see a 

cake and wedding set up

photo of a black and white conch shell with tea leaf leis Conch shell laying on the sand with pink plumeria flowers

the beauty of the Hawaiian conch shell
conch shell with blue purple leis under the white trellis archway on the beach in Hawaii
The conch shell sits under the gazebo on a table with flower leis such as green twinned tea leaf leis,
sky blue  orchids, and white ginger flowers for the wedding ceremony
bride holding a coconut with manicure

Hawaiian shell ready to sing for the arrival of the bride