Wedding date May 23

" Wünsch euch alles Gute noch "Can´t wait to get married :) Manga & Violette

Wedding date : May 23.

wedding @ 3:00pm

75 Kaikea Place in Kailua HI 96734

Yes we will bring the flower bouquet to Tikis Bar Sunset photos for you both added
right across from Tikis at the the beach they have nice sunsets on Waikiki .....

Only the two of you need to go down to the marriage office to apply for your wedding license , We will pick you both up at your Hotel and take you down there,
after the wedding ceremony we will sit down with the paper and sign the certificate at that point you may choose who you want to be the witnesses
this is easy even if your far away in Germany now , when you arrive ot Hawaii we will help you !!

Have a nice day :) Greetings from Germany Scarlett

Dear lovely Team of Aloha Island Weddings,

I´m so happy that I found your side. Your Offer is exectly, what I´m searching for my dream comes true. You make me so happy.

So me and my honey wants to marry in May or

We like to marry on the a secluded beach park- it looks very pretty and perfect. Are there some places where we can stay
or just the one of the pics on your homepage? When is the best time for the wedding on weekday?

- flower bamboo (color turquoise, yellow, light pink)
- we can get 15 white Chairs, right? Flower: Hibiscus in yellow and pink //color sash: in turquoise yes yes
- 4 different colours of flowers (of the same flower or different flowers and colour are available?
Where are the flowers used? any Hawaiian flowers that you want
- 4 Tiki Torches
- conch shell blower at the beginning and end of ceremony (how long does he play?) its played just in the begining
- live hawaiian chant (what does he/she play? How long? and when during the ceremony?) usually right beofre you walk down the aisle
- personal wedding coordinator (what are the duties of a wedding coordinator? Is it like a wedding planner? Is it you?) yes
- hawaiian wedding leis (do you have some pictures of some sample?) yes they are on the website
- kukui nut leis (what is this?)
- do you have a picture of an customized hand aligraphy decorative certificate? yes its on our facebook please connect with us.
- Choice of Minister (do you have a minister, who speaks German?) im not sure let me see.
- solo musican (harpist) yes
- leis for my family its included in the package
- custom bouquet (I like to have a bouquet with plumeria flowers like your pictures on your website)
- including bouquet for wedding party Can i say what i want to have?) included yes
- photographer (700 pic and 22 sepia pictures - when the pictures are taken? Before the ceremony? During the Ceremony? After the Ceremony?
How long the photographer will be by us and take pictures? yes all of the above usually about 1 hour while getting ready in the room ,, and 2 hours at the wedding site
- DVD (is the whole ceremony on it?) yes yes
- Limo super (which Limo we can get? For exactly 3 hours? Is it possible that the Limo drives more than one time from the hotel to the wedding beach,
so everyone can drive with the limo? w

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Pineapples with butterfly on tiki torches added the accents

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