Wedding in Hawaii with Toshi and Suzanne
Hawaiian style tiki man theme
@ Waimanalo Beach

Dark Bamboo Archway Ukulele + Hula Dancer Chiavari Chairs & Hawaii Tiki Men

Orange/Pink/White Tropical Bouquet Rainbow plumeria lei and Maile Tea Lei

Suzanne and Toshi flew all the way from Japan to come and get married in Hawaii
family and friends came from USA and Japan to witness this union.
Bamboo arch way of dark mahogany with sky blue chiffon organza with simple green
lining the pathway with tiki men guarding the entrance
Orange and dark pink hibiscus filled the sand for the bride Suzanne to walk on

* Colors and Greenery from the islands*
The islands of Hawaii have many beautiful beaches , Toshi and Suzanne decided to get married on one of the most gorgeous beach on Oahu called Waimanalo .


Each Hawaiian Statue had their unique personality ,
the Lono Tiki man had a ukulele by his side and the other Tiki Ku had a kukui shell lei .

Suzanne giving Toshi the Hawaiian kiss known in the Hawaiian languauge as " Honi Honi "
right after she gives her fiancee the maile tea leaf traditional lei she gives him the Hawaiian kiss
The groom then returns by giving his bride a Hawaiian lei which was the rainbow plumeria
and also gives the Honi honi kiss . This wedding took place at the beach site of Waimanalo ,
they had two wooden tiki men known as Loni and Ku .

* Time lapse video Hawaii beach wedding setup*

Conversations from bride to wedding planner :
Kinda stumped on a song.... we don’t really have
a song as a couple. I asked Toshi and he said, Aerosmith’s
‘I don’t wanna miss a thing’. I think he may have half meant it as a joke, but hey, why not?!
Do you need an actual sound file?
Answer : Yes if you could send a sound file in MP3 would be the best .
I will make sure your musician will learn your request , I also will sent you your
Ukulele musician repertoire list who will be singing at your beach wedding ceremony

A few songs to think about to sent : your entrance " The processional "
Walkig out " The recessional " also if you decide to do a First dance


* Topical Mango Fuchsia Delight *

Suzanne's Hawaiian Bouquet.
Bright orange and pink local hibiscus flowers stacked on top of each other in the midst of
white casablanca lilly's , The orange hibiscus you will notice is same color orange and as
the flowers on the sand for the aisle way . This bouquet is wrapped in the ocean blue satin organza
matching the theme color for their beach wedding arch materials .The soft laua Hawaiian fern
surround the flowers of this tropical flower bouquet ,


*This early morning beach wedding used the dark mahogany wood bamboo
with sky blue material and green fern as the corners center pieces of the archway*

* Hula Dancer underneath the wedding the blue bamboo archway dancing to the songs of Hawaiian hula songs of Love *