Flower Wedding Circlee and Hearts on the beach in Hawaii

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flower circle groom playing the ukulele and bride blowing the conch shell

wedding couple in a flower circle


Flower circles may be designed
by a variety of colors and fauna to match your
Hawaii wedding.  This Hawaii flower circle used the bright tropical
colors of sunset orange , tang yellow and the soft crescent fern
with bright yellow plumeria frangipani flowers in the center



wedding beach design and couple lovign eachother

Romantic beach wedding cermonies

flower circle for wedding at waimanalo beachflower circle with tiki torches and red sash chairs

Kissing in the circle of flowers after the wedding, a Hawaiian ukulele awaits its musician to play at a wedding ceremony

Side note for Hawaiian Activities during different Seasons


The Whales humpbacks come into the Hawaiian waters
 for mating {November through March}
The huge waves that pound the North
 shore with swells up to 30 feet high are
 in the Winter months December through February}.
In Fall the Aloha Festival which celebrates
 the island culture and many parades
 are seen on the streets of Waikiki.


Waiting for you my love in a circle of Hawaiian flowers

The release of doves at lanikai beach

While the tiki torches burn in the green wedding circle the newly weds let free 2 doves

Wedding logo for aloha island wedding , beach Hawaiian ceremonies
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