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"Like a flute of the Angles ,the conch shell reverberates through the breeze calling forth the return of Love"

Elements of a Traditional Hawaiian Ceremony

{Prelude: Hawaiian Music Mele }
Gabby, Brother Iz, while the guests arrive they will hear the sounds of the sea and the gentle strumming of the ukulele,
Music is usually performed 20 minuets before the ceremony starts to entertain the guest while the ready themselves for the wedding ceremony. {Entrance of the Groom}
The Minister or sometimes called "Kahu or Priest " walks with the groom to the front of the ceremony and may be singing a chant {mele} that introduces him as the man who is getting married.

{Seating of the Mothers } in Hawaii the mothers are honored in the ceremony they may be escorted by a close member of the family, Once moms are seated the beginning of the processional starts . Bridesmaids may enter walking alone or with the groomsmen,
The bridesmaid is the last to enter the wedding ceremony and is standing closest to the bride. When the bridal party is all in place the ring beare or flower girl may start.
The entrance of the bride is announced by the sounding of the conch shell.

The Hawaiian word for shell is Pu” the symbol of the Pu is many but basically Here is a picture of a Conch shell sitting in a wooden bowl encircled by white tiny shell lei in the background you see a cake and wedding set up Sea shell, Ocean Song play your a melody Sing about the ocean Tell me about the sea, Author: unknown Used in weddings to call the land, air, earth and fire to witness.) After the conch shell is blown by the Kahu {minister}

The bride will start her entrance, at this time the groom turns towards her arrival. Lei Ceremony for parents Fathers traditional gets the kukui nut and tea leaf wrap lei wrapped together Mothers are given the fragrant white ginger lei or pikake , many times the lei will correspond with the wedding theme.

"Hawaii wedding exchanging of leis" A Hawaiian wedding lei exchange can be easily incorporated into your ceremony adding a traditional touch to any wedding ceremony. Receiving and giving a loved one a lei shows how much you love, and care for that person. Having a lei exchange is a Hawaii traditional expression of a way to hold dear a fond memory of your wedding . you may also give a kiss or a hug when presenting the lei to a female or a handshake to the fathers. The Bride always presents the lei first to the groom. In old Hawaii the women choose her man by giving him a maile lei at his door step that showed him and everyone that this { wahine } " girl " wanted his hand in marriage. now in present day wedding in Hawaii this traditional is in corporate into the ceremony in the exchanging of leis it is done before the start of the ceremony after her father gives her away. The minister or best man holds the grooms maile lei for the bride and the maid of honor holds the brides lei for the groom. Parents of the the wedding couple receive leis from the bride and groom In a way this show respect to the family , the groom gives the brides family the leis and the bride gives the grooms family leis

Parents of the Bride and Groom Present Leis to Their Child Before the Ring Exchange Before the ring exchange the parents of the groom come forward and adorn their son with a lei then the parents of the bride come forward and adorn their daughter.

I hear the music of the fire

The parents then offer their blessing of the marriage and return to their seat. The bride and groom can also have leis for their parents to adorn them with as well. Parents of the Bride Exchange Leis with the Groom and the Parents of the Groom Exchange Leis with the Bride at the Start of the Ceremony This is a great way for the parents to symbolize the acceptance of their child's mate into their lives and the joining of the two families. At the start of the ceremony the parents of the groom come forward and adorn the bride with a lei then the parents of the bride come forward and adorn their groom. The bride and groom then present each of their in-laws with a lei. Hawaiian wedding song chant Lei Ceremony for bride and groom Sand Ceremony (The sand ceremony is used in Hawaii as a symbol of the two becoming one that is impossible to part Two colors of sand is used to represent the bride and groom) example of a poem read by a bride to her groom about the meaning of the Prayer song Chants Introduction a lei as well during this time) Prayer ,Reading ,Exchange of Vows ,Readings ,Exchange of Rings ,Prayer Presentation of Mr. and Mrs. shower of love (throwing of the rose petals}

Wikipedia on the term Kahu or Kahuna Kahuna is a Hawaiian word, defined in the Pukui & Elbert

(1986) as a "priest,,
minister, expert in any profession".

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