Some samples of non traditional wedding vows I take you as my soul mate to love and to cherish for always and always our love is continuous like the wave on the sand our love is free as the flight of birds in the sky I promise to be there for you as your lover and best friend love will be our guide and star throughout our life I love you with all my heart soul and body. I come here today, (name), to join my life to years before this company. In their presence I pledge to be true to you, to respect you, and to grow with you through the years. Time may pass, fortune may smile, trials may come; no matter what we may encounter together, I vow here that this love will be my only love. I will make my home in your heart from this day forward. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Today, (name), I join my life to yours, not merely as your (husband/wife), but as your friend, your lover, and your confidant. Let me be the shoulder you lean on, the rock on which you rest, the companion of your life. With you I will walk my path from this day forward. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (Name), with free and unconstrained soul, I give you all I am and all I am to become. Take this ring, and with it my promise of faith, patience, and love, for the rest of my life. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What have I to give you, (name)? The promise to take you as my only love from this day forward, to stand by your side, to listen when you speak, to comfort you when you cry, and to join your laughter with my own. Take this ring, and be my (husband/wife) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As freely, (name), as God has given me life, I join my life with yours. Wherever you go, I will go; whatever you face, I will face. For good or ill, in happiness or sadness, come riches or poverty, I take you as my (husband/wife), and will give myself to no other