Haku Flower Head Leis

There is a circle in the sky, we call it the sun. There is a flower watery on the ocean,
we call it an island , at the center of the world , the center of the pacific
There is a circle in your eye, i see a reflection gateway of perfect sense.
Emerald flowers / lapis golden blue / jade ginger/
shines like jewels of stars of flowered crown around your hair
mixed with the sea blown waterfall cascade
Looking at the tints and shades floral circular fragrant reflection of another
over the horizon / simultaneausly the shore kisses the sea
made of creation a dancer / cendrawasi /legong/ kupu kupu
pure form envisioned balanced guide anchored made of light

One crown shines bright, two crowns brighter still. The beam pierces the sky,
splitting the world into halves as sand and ocean collide and you kiss.
As long as you hold on, the world is whole.

Your warmth, your love, your everything has been woven into my skin and braided around my hair.
A consummation of eternal feelings known through all time and space as the immutable expression of YES.
Yes, I love you. Yes, I accept you. Yes, we will be together forever.

Yellow orange plumeria lei with pink and yellow haku lei photo of Keith and Anne

infinite/forever/flowing, renewing, beginning over and over again a constant cycle spiral of the crown of love.
Above us, around us, and all over us, the blast of waves against the shore announce
in rhythmic triumph the new bond being created today.


paul and dewi embrace by a airplane wearing haku leis

Their is a ring of flowers that protects us, and an air of fragrance unmistakable, the scent of a happy marriage. We honor those who joined before us and all those who will commit to becoming half of a greater whole after. Touching head to head, we fill our bodies with the greatest of all experiences two people may share for a lifetime.

Like the string of plumeria and orchids connected atop our heads, so too our love becomes as one. Each flower marks a moment spent with you. We watch our lives grow and spread wild across the plains together. There is no destination, only greater, bigger, further. From every petal of the universe we expand our feelings within until there is no difference above or below, inside or out.




Haku lei with white orchids Hawaiian fern and red roses buds

The groom kisses his new bride after the wedding, she is wearing yellow
 plumeria flowers and he is wearing  a traditional Hawaiian Maile leu

Little flower girls play with their little bouquets of fresh yellow plumeria
flowers at their mom's wedding wearing haku of plumeria also