logo of three different Hawaiian wedding cakes on made in Honolulu Oahu
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Aloha Island Weddings fabulous cake designs

Hawaiian Wedding Cakes

Cake Flavors
Vanilla Cream - light with a delicate vanilla flavor
Coconut - delicately flavored with real coconut milk
Chocolate - rich and smooth, perfectly matched to any filling
Red Velvet - brilliant color with a hint of chocolate
Yellow Butter - rich and moist
*Carrot - moist, laced with cinnamon, nuts optional
Banana - tropical and exciting
Guava - lightly flavored guava flavor cake
Lemon - tangy and delicious

Cake Fillings

*Lime Curd - rich lime flavor with a buttery finish
*Lemon Curd - intense lemon zing with a buttery finish
*Pineapple Curd - crushed pineapple with a buttery finish
*Guava - sweet, pure tropical flavor
*Lilikoi - made from real passion fruit
*Strawberry - made from real strawberries
*Raspberry - made with real raspberries
Lime Cream - creamy rich lime flavor
Lemon Cream - light lemon tang
Guava Buttercream - subtle guava flavor
Lilikoi Cream - made from real passion fruit
Strawberry Buttercream - creamy strawberries
Raspberry Cream - excellent balance of flavor
Haupia - delicately flavored coconut custard
Ganache - with rich and smooth Belgium dark chocolate
White Chocolate Cream Cheese - Belgium white chocolate and cream cheese, light, not too sweet
Italian Buttercream - rich, creamy, and light
optional flavors: Chocolate, Mocha, Orange, Vanilla, Amaretto, etc...


Cake Icings

Italian Buttercream - rich, creamy, and light
Ganache - with rich and smooth Belgium dark chocolate
Fondant - porcelain-smooth finish with a light vanilla flavor.
(Fondant recommended for outdoor events and weddings.)


Katie + Tim wedding cake matching the theme
of their wedding colors purple and yellow

Karissa + Brian wedding

Rainbow plumerias adorned a top layer strawberries and cream and
bottom tier Hawaiian haupia coconut cake with buttercream frosting ,
Scarlett + Christopher Conrad Wedding


Aloha island weddings cakes are included in all of our packages , we offer a variety of tropical Hawaiian flavors with fresh local flowers of your choice decorated as you wish .
We do not take orders outside of the packages or send deliver cakes off of the island of Oahu .

Courtney Spradling + Scott Woods

2 tiered wedding cake ,
Moco Mac, and Strawberries and Cream bottom .....Tiffini blue pins , flowers spiraling down the cake , white plumerias.
icing will be a fondant smooth glossy look

staying at the Sheraton Waikiki Hotel on the December 11th 4:00pm cake tasting

Theme colors : coral and tiffany blue


Bright baby pink swirls of fondant with flavors of
Hawaiian passion fruit on top with Hawaii flavor guava on the bottom tier ,
with matching bright magenta pink star gazer flowers

Natasha & Tyson wedding

Katie & Tim's Wedding 1 2 3 4


cake on the beach at paradise cove with pink and bright color flowers

star fish wedding cake for leigh

Leigh's Hawaii wedding cake




cup cake with yellow plumeria flowers
dark chocolate cupcakes with white vanilla cream.



smiling at the camera before the go for the cake



yellow theme Hawaii wedding cake

fuscia ribbon cake with green orchid in Hawaii

plumeria cake design

John and Nina




the mad hatter style wedding cake shown at the kahal resort at a reception of Aloha Island Weddings

Fritz and Joannah

Mariko and Shane

Tiffini and Ron

"Wow that takes the cake"

cake with red roses on white whicker table    green ligth frosting with yellow hawaiian plumeria flowers

  Cake with Green cymbidium flowers magenta and orange ........

        Wedding Cakes    Your wedding cake is the shining star of the food served at your wedding reception. It's true, everyone knows it; the wedding cake, no matter how large or small, has been a tradition for many years. The history of the wedding cake and its traditional tiers dates back to medieval times. Back then, each guest to the wedding would bring a small cake to the ceremony. The cakes would then be placed on tables in layers, or in a large stack. According to tradition, the bride and groom would then separate; one on each side of the table, and then try to kiss over the stacks. It was considered good luck, if the bridge and groom were able to kiss over the stack or layers of cakes. This tradition has survived the ages, and eventually, the stacks of cakes emerged as one single, tiered wedding cake. Other, funnier traditions, were the ancient Roman practice of actually dropping the cake on the head of the bride. Don't worry, you don't have to have a cake dropped on your head if that's not your thing!
wedding cake on the beach in Hawaii with a harp and flute in the background
Flavors , We have some awesome Hawaiian flavors
Guava cream with pink vanilla chiffon
Coconut with vanilla chiffon
Passion Fruit Mandarine
and our Kona Coffee light chocolate chiffon.

Now most of the cakes are two teired so alot of couples opt to have one of the tiers a Hawaiian flavor to break the routine of
the typical standards. There is no need to feel constrained by the usual choices of chocolate, or vanilla. Not when there's so much more out there! Orange, and lemon are very popular flavors in the spring and summer. Other flavors, such as butterscotch, or toffee are also delightful. Flavors can be combined as well, such as a vanilla and cherry swirl, or chocolate cherry; the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. The trick is finding the right bakery, willing to bring the wedding cake of your dreams into existence. Imagine the delight of your guests as they delve in the first bite of a cream cheese vanilla and cherry swirl masterpiece, made specifically for your wedding event.

close up of the Hawaii wedding cake on the beach
There are several different designs for your wedding cake that can be used. Whether you want an enormous cake for over a hundred guests, or a beautiful, but modest creation for your family and friends. Some specialty bakeries make modern cakes that can incorporate fantastic designs, made from a special moldable but edible type of icing. Others instead prefer to have a large tiered platform, made of clear plastic or glass that holds and displays hundreds of beautifully made little cupcakes. These are decorated in the preferred colors and theme of the wedding, so that the guests can just pluck one of the tray.


The centerpiece is the little added decoration at the top of a wedding cake. It's the crowning gesture of elegance in the cake. There are probably millions of different designs that are available, though some people sometimes forego the optional little decoration. Some traditional designs are little figurines of the bride and groom, side by side on top of the cake. Others, are a little floral decoration, whether real, or made from spun sugar, or icing. Another popular design for the centerpiece is a heart, woven together from various different materials, such as silk, silver, cloth, or even icing. Whatever you decide to use for your centerpiece, just remember to keep in theme with your wedding.


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