Fragrance of Hawaii the Plumeria flower

         Hawaiian flowers are plentiful, exotic, fragrant and colorful. We will start this Hawaii flower collection with the beauty and eclectic variety of the plumeria flower. Hawaii's most loved flower with its special appeal to be strung as a Hawaiian flower lei, is often the flower of choice to be given to guest as they arrive to Hawaii.  Beauty ,delicacy, fragrant and colorful is the  plumeria flowers, a perfect addition to a island style wedding  bouquets,  boutonni√®res, corsages and flower table arrangements brings the tropical island feel  when plumeria flowers are added .
Its botanical name is known as the Apocynaceae but is  commonly known as the Frangipani plumeria flower. grow abundantly on all of the islands of Hawaii.
It grow abundantly on all of the islands of Hawaii

There are 7 distinctive species of which the most cultivated and easiest to grow is { P.Rubra }
the original family flower plumeria of which countless varieties are derived from.
The fragrance of the white flower with the yellow center is intoxicating and fragrant.
others colorful flowers come in varying shades such as of pink, yellow,
red and rainbow combinations all have their distinctive fragrance, there is also a plumeria flower of somewhat larger petals with blunted shaped leaves. Collectors of this flower often breed a type of bud that produces a flower dwarfed in size but not in its scent .