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Hello are names are Paul & Dewi

All ideas and all perspectives forms the big picture so let us appreciate all others.
Staying open and playful and allowing yourself to be focused yet expansive holds a key to the many ways that
inspiration opens up imaginations to make visible what is already here."

"A Passion for Dreams & A love for Life"

We love to travel & play so we thought what a better way to get to know us
then through some fun videos we have made in Hawaii and around the world.

Our travel to Bali for a our wedding ceremony
Our Trip to thailand Dewi is the one riding the elephant

Our Balinese wedding ceremony video , added a intro of Dewi on the lanikai beach in Hawaii, all the other video is shot in Bali
Our festive event lasted about 8 hours, we have alot of footage though wanted to start somewhere ,


Our travel to Japan Kyoto
"Brand New Key "


Soul mates ...., found each other & the fairytale Blossomed

"Yes i had to travel half way around the world learn another language search for 3 years in a foreign land
and have all the village men upset for stealing their princess away :
who said love is easy ? "Paul"

The Vision of

Started with a dream and their love and has inspired a family generation 
Paul and Dewi are a husband and wife team, with a love for life &
unique vision for photography , Video and Wedding coordination
"Team work makes the dream work"
is their moto
 Their work stems from a passion for excellence and a desire for creativity.

 Their strength is in working together sharing one vision though the lens of love ,,,,, 
their style is a natural, relaxed, fun , glamorous, and creative
They create an ideal environment
where couples are able to be themselves and have fun.
Paul and Dewi also oversee & help coordinate wedding ceremonies,
when they are not busy photographing the event. .
Couples are often amazed at their versatility and creativity in weddings. 


"Ok now its time to get a good laugh "
Here are some of our wedding photos
yes in 1999     "Omg   am i getting old ????"
we were married in the mountain village of West Bali
and yes i was the only white man around for miles miles.

"so much for a tuxedo,
hey im in Bali right.

in this part of the ceremony she takes the rice i offer her

 This photo I'm actually speaking Balinese asking her if she wants some of my whisky "
 yes that's the ironic part of the ceremony because she has never even to this day
 never tasted to her lips any kind of alcohol.
btw:  no one spoke English anywhere ,
"love is the universal language!" Paul

Feeding each other cake after our ceremony,
uhhh no we didn't have a professional photographer
this was back in the day when were living only on dreams.

 "We both hope to be able to help you on your vision for your most special day in your life
as you promise to each other love forever everlasting on your wedding day"


 A photo of Paul playing the Harp back in the year 1997
This was taken @ a wedding ceremony
Waimea Falls on the
North shore of Oahu.


Newlyweds often ask me how I got into coordinating weddings well its a long story but the basic of what brought me into wedding field was that I always had a love for music and studied composition and theory at the University of Hawaii. I had the privileged to take private Harp lessons from the Honolulu Symphony harpist at UHM. From there i was invited to play the harp at many hotels for weddings and events ,after performing for many years had amazing opportunities to play in Japan at the kings palace in Bali and in Singapore after getting married to Dewi in 1999. You may hear some of my recording on the harp during this time my favorite is a track i put down in 1995 of pachabel's cannon over laid with dolphin sounds and the ocean




Dewi preparing for the Waikiki parade with geisha girls for the Waikiki celebration May/2009
a video shoot is below of the event


Beauty herself @ Tirta Gangga the sacred water springs of east Bali Kingdom

Picasso   " i studied my whole life to paint like a child who touches the canvas for the very first time"

We are now offering
Our new standalone photography packages



We recently have updated our equipment
a new level of photography has begun
some of our new toys include
Cannon L 15 mm lens
Cannon 1 Mark D  body
Canon 580 EX speed lights,

Wireless radio pocket wizard for off the camera lighting  TT1
Pro-7b 1200 generator (1200Ws)
EOS-1D Mark II with EF 70-200mm f2.8 IS,
 with EF-S 10-22mm f3.5-4.5, flashlight,
Canon EF 2X II extender,
Canon EF 50mm


beautiful setup in Hawaii

butterfly orchid picture girls