Ua ola loko i ke aloha ~ Love gives life within ~

Intimate Beachside Affair

*Ua Mau ke Ea oka 'Aina ika Pono o Hawaii * "May the life of land be perpetuated in Love my Hawaii "
Hawaii Beach Wedding nof Marsha and Patrick on May 17th 2019.

Our Beach wedding in Hawaii

~ Color theme: Gold organza -Mango orange iridecent - Hot magenta - Baby pinks & Whites .
* Wedding at the beach * Afternoon sunny Hawaiian day * Methodist minister *
* God's blessing * Hawaiian style * Creative decorated arch * Photography * Our own vows
Floral native plumeria bouquet * Flower leis * Flowers and decorations * Tiki men
*Showcase the Hawaiian culture * Hawaiian ukulele Player * Hula dancer * Harpist *Wedding video*
* Cake on the beach * Limousine * Sashes with flowers on white chairs

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