Ua ola loko i ke aloha ~ Love gives life within ~

Intimate Beachside Affair

*Ua Mau ke Ea oka 'Aina ika Pono o Hawaii * "May the life of land be perpetuated in Love my Hawaii "
Hawaii Beach Wedding nof Marsha and Patrick on May 17th 2019.

Our Beach wedding in Hawaii

~ Color theme: Gold organza -Mango orange iridecent - Hot Magenta - Baby pinks & Bright whites .
* Wedding at the beach * Afternoon sunny Hawaiian day * Methodist minister *
* God's blessing * Hawaiian style * Creative decorated arch * Photography * Our own vows
Floral native plumeria bouquet * Flower leis * Flowers and decorations * Tiki men
*Showcase the Hawaiian culture * Hawaiian ukulele Player * Hula dancer * Harpist *Wedding video*
* Cake on the beach * Limousine * Sashes with flowers on white chairs

"The stars are my candles, the sun is my light, the clouds are my shade, and the translucent blue sky my stain glass windows. The sounds of the sea is a choir and the gentle wind the movement of Love, with sand beneath the feet we will marry in Gods own Cathedral".

Marsha and Patricks Beach wedding archway on Waimanalo Sherwoods Beach Palm
This dark mahagony bamboo wedding arch used the hot pink fuschia flower of moon orchids and multi color plumeria flowers

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