Hawaii weddings & Estate beach waterfall ceremonies

orange hibiscus with pink plumeria flowers at paradise cove hawaii
Vanessa + Chris Hawaii beach wedding ceremony theme design of natural mountain
bamboo archway wrapped with see through organza material of
mango orange , pretty pastel pinks with vivid fuchsia , this theme made use of the local
Hawaiian tropical paradise flowers of Hibiscus and plumerias

to much light inspires the wings to fly

Team Work Makes the Dream Work , let us help manifest your vision
and lead you to the next dynamic.

"I would rather be an amature of the mystery then a master of the known " Your coordinator Paul




An Accredited Business in Hawaii with
Better Business Bureau , A+ rating
for excellence and dedication for wedding coordinating services on the island.
Aloha Island Weddings
BBB accreditation standards

Please contact us for further information
1808 294-9385


Paul and Dewi are a husband and wife team ,
they have been inspired by the natural
beauty of the beaches , the island mountain
landscapes , waterfalls, the pacific ocean
and colorful all of the vibrant fragrant
native flowers . They both feel its important
to bring the beauty and enchantment of
the islands into wedding ceremonies.
Your wedding coordinators have the good
fortune to join with other like minded
wedding experts to bring innovation
modern concepts and traditional elements
into thier events . Our Dream team
includes many ministers to choose from
local musicians
, creative photography
and florists. So take your time , hang out
with us awhile you might just find something
you like. Explore your own ability
to be inventive , creative and excited
to work together with us on your special day .

light pink bouquet with bride at the royal Hawaiian Hotel wedding ceremony
children with white flower Hawaiian haku flower leis at wedding on beach in Waimanalo

Welcome to Aloha Island Weddings

We hope to inspire and bring to you a clearer and deeper
understanding on having a wedding in Hawaii .
Our focus is on you, to listen to your vision and ideas
for your wedding .We will be your guides
coordinating and by your side till you say i do .
We love designs , Hawaiian and modern plus traditional
style trends that incorporate the beauty of the islands
into your wedding with a twinkle of excitement .
We would like to make this experience of your
wedding planning easy going , relaxed yet focused,
insightful and most of all , a dedication to the
wedding couple that has care , sincerity and honesty
as a focal point in providing a wedding in Hawaii .
Our websites goal is to bring a clearer experience
that is compatible with your ideas and imaginations
to help foster your vision of what you want your
Hawaii wedding to be. We essentially want to
take you on a flight of discovery about themes ,
locations , where to stay , beach arch designs /
Hawaiian florals
/ photography / cakes /
and multi media video experience.
We have been helping couples unite in a
Hawaii wedding experience to eachother on
this beautiful island for over 10 years .

Chris cuts the cake with his bride as they give eachother Hawaiian kisses

"Remember when you first fell in love w/eachother ?
the feeling , the sensation , time & space seemed to take on a flexiblity ?
then your kiss , how time actually stopped ?
it could be raining or sunny day ...., it didnt matter.
you could be breathing or not breathing ..., it didnt matter {crazy}
you could have only a dollar or a million dollars ...,it didnt matter
you could be sick or in great health ..., it didnt matter
One truely entered real time present moment sustainabilty
5th dimension access through the gateway of Love"
Your coordinator Paul

pulled over on their wedding day Makapuu beach

beautiful bride wearing a white lily flower in her hair right before her estate wedding ceremony in Kailua Oahu

Pre Cake
in the forest of iron wood trees th elovers kiss
beautiful orchid

lanikai beauty with the waves of love laughing bride

leling next to a chinese dragon in china town oahu
white plumer Hawaiian flower

under the pacific blue sea arch

pink plumeria png
Pre Party


giving a hug from family and mom at wedding hawaii 1
white plumer Hawaiian flower
head tilted back in reverie dream as her groom kisses her neck
white plumer Hawaiian flower
Flash site for Summer & Chris
our wedding couple with a dolphin
pink plumeria png
embracing the ceremonial symbol of the Hawaiian padal for the canoe at thier wedding
dancing with the flowers after thier pronouned husband and wife
pink plumeria png
love smile as the newly weds walk on the beach after their wedding
white plumer Hawaiian flower
palm arch way in Hawaii with tropical bright beautiful Hawaiian flowers found on Oahu
Pink hibiscus bright fuscia star gazers lead the way up to the alter of love for their
Karissa + Brian's Oahu wedding
Dewi playing a concert size harp on the beach
Music ideas for your wedding


bride holding a coconut with manicure

Wedding logo for aloha island wedding , beach Hawaiian ceremonies
Aloha Island Weddings
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Honolulu Hawaii , 96813

Phone : 1 808 294-9385


beach side ceremony setup in Hawaii with light pink sashes and pineapples with tiki torches and butterflies


Monarch butterflies on the wrapped tiki torches with pink sashes on white chair covers


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