The Wedding of Ravi & Shakti

a joyful break of dance with family and friends

the hands of a Indian bride

Labyrinthine Indian Henna Designs – Epitome of Celebration and Happiness
Indian weddings are grand affairs known for their lavishness. The environment in typical Indian wedding is packed with fun, dynamism and entertainment. People of all age groups curiously participate in myriad of rituals and bless the couple best wishes for their future. India is an incredible nation where significant importance is given to rituals and traditions. Indian Diaspora has kept alive the traditions. Undeniably, it is very exciting to attend glorious weddings where one can closely watch ancient customs and rituals that reflects uniqueness of Indian culture. Indians wholeheartedly spend money on wedding ceremony. Extravagancy can be seen in Indian wedding as whopping sum of money is spent on well decorated podium for couple, arrangement of flowers, rich varieties of desserts, glittering lightning arrangements, garish clothes, flamboyant wedding cards and exquisite jewelry.

on the phone beofre the weding

giving the ceremony and exchanging of vows by the mandap

the grooom is waiting for the bride to walk down the aisle

hello to friends by the limo on Oahu

with family and friends hugging the bride

father kisses the bride

pink theme flowers with yellow highlights

minister talks about the rings

the pouring of sands

kissing her groom under the mandap

the bride standing under the mandap alter

collage of all the bridesmaids Indian wedding setup with a Mandup style bamboo arch

hawaii state flower yellow hibiscus

lotus flowers with hawaiian floral

jana the bride with her bridesmaids in Hawaii at wedding

walking in the forest with pink parasols

Shakti & Ravi
white plumer Hawaiian flower