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wedding from india


kissing under the palm tree on lanikai beach oahu hawaii weddings
Ashley Radel  &  Gerardo (LC) Colmenero     


Zamil and Sheryl

on the sand rolling on the water after the hawaii wedding
Pre wedding photo tour photography  Paul of


sand and love hawaii ceremony after shots


holding the palm leafs as they kiss in Hawaii

jump for joy on th ebeach in Hawaii

putting on her shoes before the wedding ceremony

the hawaii bride walkign up the stairs

pouring the Hawaiian colored sand at ceremony



Christine Zheng and Matthew Flood

O la i ke ahe lau makani  
"Life the gentle breath of Love"

An email to Wedding Coordinator Paul form the bride Christine  We will be in town on May 7.
Approximate guests (excluding bride and groom): 15 adults and 1 child confirmed. 6 unconfirmed. (these 6 guest are from China and we won’t know until they go to US consulate and apply for visas. 50/50 chance to get visas these days…)
Desired Package Details with custom choices:
Beach Chapel Arch Package (custom)
A white arch decorated like shown in the above picture, except that I would like to have a white flower center bouquet instead of orange/yellow. I definitely like the center large bouquet idea.
See following picture for the bouquet sample :
For chairs and setting, I am going for the Blue/yellow color combo shown like the following picture yellow flower)
Rev Chris. We would like a traditional Christian style. I like the ceremony outline he linked here:
If we do have Chinese guests coming, my mother will also act as translator during the ceremony
 (something Rev Chris probably needs to know about). And translation will be taken directly from his script.
solo musician choice
A guitarist who plays Hawaii music. Two hula dancers who will also engage the guests to dance with after the ceremony. (I understand hula dancers are extra. Could you please give me a quote?)
Before the ceremony, we’ll have our iPod play the traditional wedding music while close family enter the site and the big entrance for the bride.
The musician can take over after the ceremony begins. We’d like the hula dancers to show up around 6:30pm (1 hr after the beginning of the ceremony) and entertain guests for 1 hour.  What is the normal cost for fire dancer?
We will take care of the 1st dance. We are not slower dancers.. So we’ll do something a bit crazy ourselves. J
Lei’s for close family and bride and groom:
Groom: Maile lei Bride: white jasmine flower know as the pikake flower
2 groomsman: yellow plumeria with tea leaf Bouquets for Bride and Bridesmaids
Bride: Plumeria large bouquet: (pink/yellow combo)
Bridesmaids: same plumeria flowers but much smaller size (the typical size for the bridesmaids)
Bouquets for the party light pink and yellow plumeria flower bouquets
yes the chairs will have your choice of flower.
Does the photographer do digital photos::::::
    Yes there are actually 3 different cameras used Medium format, 35 mm and high end digital
If so, can we get the CD with all the photos: yes plus you get all the photos and the rights plus CDs any extra are given to you!!!! How long does the photographer normally stay at the wedding?
       The wedding photographers usually stay about two hours , you may hire the photographer to stay on at the reception I would recommend pre wedding photos in the estate house to capture all the beauty of the house and you getting ready in it! Thank you Christine i look forward to meeting you Your wedding coordinator Paul

Wedding date: May 10, 2008

Time: 5:30pm
Location: Diamonds Head private estate on the beach.
Wedding site:  on the grassy backyard over looking the beach.

Our wedding setup i choose to have tourquise sashes with yellow accents,  with yellow hibiscus flowers
with yellow blue and white chiffon material for the arch the walkway was decorated with light pink plumeria  flowers. at the entrance of the aisle
we had white ceramic glazed pots  with laupaka fern daisies and tropical  Bird of Paradise., We had a multicolored sand ceremony where all of our family participated in and
for the finally we had a butterfly release!........... Our Wedding Reception was held right at the house we rented over looking the ocean during sunset  we had the Entertainment of a
fire dancer and a most beautiful hula dancer our food was catered of Kako'ako Kitchen. We had four sets of round tables
with plumerias flowers as the decorations. Out wedding cake was baked by Mary Catharine's Bakery
 with two layers bottom layer Strawberries and the top
Passion Fruit cream. For our ceremony music we have a live harpist to entertain our guest as they arrive for the processional of the bridal party but for me the bride i wanted to walk down to the symphony playing here comes the bride so we set up an ipod
which was used for the Bride's Grand Entrance. Other than that, I'd like the Harpist to play music including the Procession and the ceremony

Our Wedding ceremony   Our Pre wedding photos
Harpist. Light Classical slow, peaceful and relaxing. Processional  --- Pachebel's Canon

Parents of the Groom Mother of the Bride Rev Chris and Groom
Bridesmaid and Groomsman Maid of Honor and Bestman
Ring bearer and flower girl Bride's grand entrance - iPod. {symphony of Pachabel's Cannon in D}
Bride, Groom, 3 mothers,
3 fathers, 2 bridesmaids, 2 groomsmen, 1 sister and 1 brother.





Aloha!  Welcome to our dream wedding on the alluring Isles of Hawai'i.
Chelsey Der / Jason Pederson Friday, April 25, 2008


kissing after the wedding  with green tie and palm tree

My name is Jason Pederson. My fiancée, Chelsey Der, and I are traveling from Calgary, AB Canada to have on wedding on Friday, April 25, 2008.  Our ceremony is being held at Waimanalo Bay

My bouquet is
our cake is
My dress is from
we have decide to have our ceremony at noon to take advantage of the great lighting

Guest: 38
The Maid of Honor is Jessica Klassen (Chelsey's best friend) and the Best Man is Craig Van Horne (My best friend). 

Wedding color theme - Blue, Green {Sea mist} and Orange
We are using the white wedding arch with silver white and blue organza material for the arch

Our website is found here



Blake's and Irish Hawaii wedding on Oahu

the sweet kiss of love newly weds

Congratulations to the sweetest Couple Who recently got Married in Hawaii with Aloha Island Weddings


We recently helped Blake and Irish get married in Hawaii on the island of Oahu, their bridal party consisted of.

Maid of honor....... Sister jill
flower girl ..... Sophia

child with glasses

Our adorable flower girl arrived to the wedding wearing her sunglasses
Our ring bearer...... David

The Couple arrived to Hawaii 8th of May 2008 and checked in to their estate house at
Menehune Pounds in Kailua
Kane Hune bay..............

Pacific island reservations
The wedding location: East coast Beach of Oahu

color Wedding  theme
Earth wind and fire colors



Tristen and Jared Wedding in Hawaii

pink plumeria flowers in from of arch

Hi Paul!  I just wanted to email you with all of the details we discussed yesterday.
We are moving to the Turtle Bay Resort.  All of our guests will be staying there as well.  We will be arriving on Thursday May 8th.  We scheduled a meeting with you in Honolulu on Friday May 9th at noon. We are requesting a bus (the Deluxe mini-coach pictured on your website) to take all of our guests to our Hawaii  Beach for the wedding.  I really don't think the limo will work; I worry about our parents getting in and out of a limo.  You mentioned that you would provide appetizers, sandwiches, water, and champagne on the bus for our guests free of charge.  A separate car (Lincoln Town Car) will pick me up at the resort 15 minutes after my guests to take me to the beach.  The car will take me to the beach, but will not need to stay after dropping me off…as I will ride back on the bus with our guests. Decorations…

here is a photo of us

  • All white chairs with white sashes {i want a clean crisp look
  • Bamboo wedding chapel with sheer white fabric
  • An aisle heavy with petals in shades of hot pink and red
  • We do not want any other aisle decoration, only the petals
  • On the signing table, we would like ice water and glasses for our guests
In terms of flowers…
  • We would like lei’s for each of our guests (14 total…which you mentioned would be complimentary).  We would like the lei’s to be hot pink and red (matching the petals down the aisle) and similar to those pictured in the “white on white” beach flash gallery (similar picture in the attachment).
  • Jared would like a traditional maile lei (picture in the attachment)
  • I would like a very small (no larger than one inch) ALL white head lei
  • I would also like a very thin all white, single pearl strand lei for the exchange
  • I have attached a picture of the bouquet that I would like.  It is important to me that the flowers are bright and the overall bouquet is medium-sized (not huge), and NO carnations.
  • Lei Hulu Mano will officiate
    Photo below of Leihulu mom chanting before the bride is given away
  • the hawaiian minister sings a chant of love
  • You mentioned that we will be able to speak with and/or meet her before the ceremony
  • We would like our ceremony to be spiritual with Hawaiian chanting…however…it is important to us that it not be overtly religious.  Particularly, we do not want any references to Jesus, as many of our guests are not Christian.

We think the Beach Chapel package is most suitable.  Looking at the beaches, Oahu has some really beautiful beach and this is what we had in mind, but another beautiful,
sandy beach would be fine also.  It looks like we will be staying at the Halekulani, so we would like a beach that is reasonably close to our resort. 
 We are wondering about switching out the limo in the package for the trolley or motor coach, whichever is most cost-effective to transport our guests. 
This large tour bus is new to the islands it holds up to 25 people the cost is 45 an hour more than the limo

If you don't want a limo this is available for you .!!!!
There will be a minimum of 11 guests (including the bride and groom), and perhaps more, though not to exceed 17.

In terms of the ceremony set-up...we would like the beach chapel (I'm assuming that's the bamboo structure?) with sheer white fabric
covering it and all white chairs (as in the "white on white" pictures in the flash gallery).  We would like an aisle heavy with petals in shades  of bright pink, hot pink, and red.  We would also like a flower lei (in the pinks and red) on each chair for our guests.  We're also wondering about having water (is champagne allowed?)

Yes champagne is not allowed but you may have some in the limo, we would have juice and water or soda for your guest which will be included.
 There will be a signing table for your guest.
For the bride's bouquet, we like the bouquet in the flower flash gallery under the "orchids" heading titled, "love aloha wedding nina 1-143.  A similar size would be nice with a similar hot-pink ribbon...however, we would like a mix of hot pink and red orchids if possible. 
We would also like an all white lei for the groom and a small head lei (just less than half the size of all of the lei's pictured) for the bride with small white flowers. 
 nor wedding party bouquets Also, we would like to forgo the flower shower, and just have the extra petals down the aisle.

We are still looking for a rabbi...if we do not find one we would like Lei Hulu Mamo to officiate our ceremony. 

We would like  leihuluMom to be our Hawaiian minister
solo musician we would like love Hawaiian music played on the  ukelele. 


with her bridesmaids on Oahu in Hawaii










Tristen here is a Sun chart for your wedding day !! in May

Sunrise: 5:55am
Sunset: 7:01pm
Moonrise: 12:12pm
Moonset: 12:43am
First Qtr: 5:48pm


Hawaiian Red Hibiscus to be our main flower on the aisle way also to have that flower for your chair bow ornament

Everyone received a lei at our wedding this is a photo of the lei all the men received, i requested fore the pink
plumeria to be set into the tea leaf lei






Hawaii Wedding photos taken of different ceremonies throughout the month







Hawaii wedding cake with multi colored roses and light lavender swirls on a
fondant cream frosting at our latest wedding on Oahu
light pink Hawaii fresh hibiscus on the table by the cake

photo with orange hibiscus blue orchids and bright yellow bird of Paradise

Hula dancer practicing before the wedding

palms on the white gazebo on the beach

her rose bouquet with light pink and full bloomed peonies

This pink rose pink hibiscus bouquet sits on the beach in Hawaii right after a wedding ceremony

White chairs with turquoise sashes and pink hibiscus flower. The garden green arch on the beach

Green and red anthuriums at a wedding in Hawaii with the turquoise sashes and forest white wedding arch

Green anthuriums bouquet on the sand at the beach on Oahu

Green and red anthuriums in the back of chairs at the beach





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