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Aerial Photography: An Overview

Aerial photography is one form of photography that requires a lot of skill from the photographer. The word aerial means air therefore aerial photography deals with photos taken from the air or from the sky. These are photos taken from an elevated position and consist of images of the ground. The images captured by aerial photography include the following platforms: helicopters, kites, parachutes, balloons, rockets, fixed-wing aircraft, blimps and dirigibles, and even at the rooftop of a high building. Different fields or business companies such as real estate, cartography, military or economic espionage, advertising, archaeology and cinematography use aerial photography.

An Aerial View of the Hawaiian Islands

image by :

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Aerial photography is used by business companies for sales, studies, documentation and planning. Aerial shots can give images of the whole area or its surrounding area for development. Aerial photos also serve as a brochure; advertising and marketing took for real estate business. For construction, aerial photography is a very useful tool for contractors, engineers and architects to know the progress of the construction as well as in conducting pre-planning and evaluation of the site. Farmers can also benefit from aerial photography since it allows them to monitor pasture lands and crops. For environment, aerial photography will help monitor and manage natural resources and damage caused by fire can easily be assessed.

Choosing a vehicle is very important in aerial photography. Helicopters are best used for aerial photography than using airplanes. It is because helicopters can stay still in the same place while photos are taken. Helicopters are also flexible because it can fly backwards and also can be slowed down. Helicopters even fly in low altitudes which brings the photographer closer to the subject. It can reduce the amount of degrading the image quality because of atmospheric conditions since photos are taken in low altitudes.

There are problems that aerial photographers encounter while taking images or photos. The major influence on aerial photography is the weather. Mist and fog or low clouds will make photographers hard to capture the subject because they will have difficulty in seeing the ground. When there are high clouds, it creates poor light which would create shadows that will make image look plain and poorly colored. High winds will make the aircraft move and will make it difficult to position. When you are inside an aircraft, vibrations can prevent the photographer to get vivid and sharp photos. For the photographer, fear of heights should be set aside because it will be one factor why photos wonít be delivered in a crisp and clear way.

Amazing Kite Aerial Photography

One of the things that photographers consider in taking aerial photos is the time of the day. During the first and last hour of the day, the sunsí angle will produce shadows that will be able to create photos that viewers will appreciate. Aerial photos are very appealing since viewers can see the whole area of the particular subject. Depending on the subject, the photographer usually creates breathtaking shots of everything on the ground. If you have a passion for photography, try to check aerial photography and who knows that you might come up with spectacular aerial photos.

Article by Paul Hawaii wedding coordinator and Photographer of Aloha island weddings




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